Oswald Reviews: The Wiggles: Space Dancing!

I’m gone for a few weeks and I come back to review this. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I saw it lying around in my film collection from back when I was eight. To be totally honest, I didn’t like this film growing up. I thought it was annoying and creepy. That’s how I thought about it when I was eight! Who knows what I would think of it now? You know what they say; Curiosity killed the cat. Only in this case, curiosity slaughtered everyone the cat knew in the process.

Sorry…this was bad. Why? …let’s see.

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CG Animation to Traditional Animation: Making the Change

I finally got into traditional animation after getting a peg bar and a butt-ton of animation paper. The first things I did when I got the paper were walk cycles. Walk cycles are very difficult to master in traditional animation. In CG, it’s very simple and easy to animate, but when it comes to traditional pencil and paper, things get tricky.

The biggest challenge when shifting from an all CG workflow to an all traditional workflow is posing. As I’ve mentioned in my last animation tips post, I explained how much posing contributes to the scene; how the character feels, where it resides in space, how heavy it is, etc. When posing in CG, all you had to do was maneuver the rig. It was like posing a puppet. In traditional, it’s all done from scratch. You have to worry about making sure the pose is perfect, all while making sure the volumes stay the same.

Another thing I had to get used to was inbetweening. In CG, inbetweens were created for you. In traditional, the inbetween job was usually given to a less-experienced assistant, which is basically the same. Sadly, I don’t have an assistant. I have to inbetween everything. Each. And. Every. Frame. Tedious? Yes. Worth it? Sort of.

You see, inbetweens can make your animation shine or burn it to the ground. One tiny mistake can mess up the course of your animation. The viewer may not see that one frame with the tiny misplaced line, but they will certainly feel it. Audiences are just so good at that kind of thing.

The walk cycle above is not an original design. It’s taken from The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams (which is a phenomenal book for those who want to get into animation). This is a walk that, in my opinion, is the absolute fundamental of animated walks. I just really like the personality in the walk, as well as its technical aspects. It was just such a great walk to study from.

Am I going to animate traditionally more? Most likely. Am I never going to CG animate again? Definitely not. As I’ve said before, animation is animation, no matter how you do it. I just really like traditionally animating. It’s fun.

See you later, Animators!

2 Years!

It’s been two years since the start of my blog! I just want to thank the very few people who read my stuff. Despite the small number of you, you guys really do make a big impact on keeping this blog alive. Thanks a lot!

See you later, Animators!

Oswald Reviews: Epic Mickey (Wii)

To bring a late close to gaming week, let’s review Epic Mickey.

When this game came out, it was exciting to hear that one of the main characters in the game would be Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, as Disney had never done anything with him since they got him back in 2005. I was still pretty shaky on who this “Oswald” guy was. I knew he was some old Disney character that has never been seen in years, but he never really struck a chord with me. But when I played this game, man, did things change. Oswald quickly became my favorite Disney character. Heck, my blogger name is OSWALD.

But I digress, I got Epic Mickey when it first came out. I haven’t played it since beating the game a while back. Is it still any good? Let’s see.

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Oswald Reviews: Bubsy (Television Pilot)

I hate Bubsy. He’s annoying. He’s unoriginal. He’s stupid. He’s what every video game character DOESN’T want to be.

…so who’s idea was it to give him a television show?

Okay, for those of you who don’t know, Bubsy was the mascot for the video game company, Accolade. He starred in many games on the SEGA Genesis and is most famous for the abomination known as Bubsy 3D for the Playstation. His main character trait is that he is loud-mouthed and loves to make pop culture references. Just by that description alone you can guess why I hate him.

In 1993, a television pilot for the character was pitched. It was never picked up for a full series. Why? Let’s see.

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Gaming Week!

There’s been a lot of movies and shows based off of video games, and there have been a lot of video games based off of animated shows and films. Mostly, they’re bad, so I’ve decided to spend this week dedicated to them!

Starting today, I’ll be reviewing animated/non-animated works based on video games and video games based off of animated/non-animated works. If there are any games or films you’d like me to review, feel free to suggest!

See you later, Animators!

Oswald Reviews: Big Hero 6 (SPOILERS)

I’m a Disney fan. I’m also a Marvel fan. So this is a perfect film for me!

I didn’t know much about Big Hero 6 when it was announced. It was just another not-so-well-known Marvel comic book series. Because of this, I came in with a pretty clear mind.

Can Disney make this underrated comic popular? Or is there a reason why no one knows this one? Let’s see.

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