Oswald Reviews: Inside Out

Okay. Before I go ahead, I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen this film, go watch it before reading this. I won’t be spoiling anything, I just want you to go into this film like I did. I didn’t know much beside the premise and some of the clips released on the Pixar YouTube channel. Go watch it now. Thank you.

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Oswald Reviews: Spongebob Squarepants Featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom

This was a game I actually forgot about until I came across it again in my game collection. I looked at it and thought, “Yeah, this seems good.”

This was a game that was the end to a series of games that was about various classic Nicktoons teaming up to fight some sort of evil. Typically they were called Nicktoons Unite, but this one decided to put Spongebob in the spotlight.

How is it? Is it just as awesome as the idea of Nicktoons fighting together, or is this just another throwaway licensed game? Let’s see.

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Oswald Reviews: The Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Unlike Bubsy and Battletoads, The Super Mario Brothers Super Show actually was picked up for a full cartoon. I actually remember watching this as a kid. I actually really liked to pick up a copy of the show from Blockbuster. It was something I really enjoyed as a kid. Does it hold up? Well, let’s see.

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Oswald Reviews: Battletoads (Television Pilot)

Battletoads is known by many gamers as a fun co-operative beat-em-up. I actually have never played it, as I didn’t get a Nintendo Entertainment System until I was twelve. I only own a couple games on the system, Battletoads not being one of them. Thus, I am not exactly familiar with the classic game.

Just like Bubsy, Battletoads had a cartoon television pilot that never aired. Could this one be as bad as Bubsy, or have I finally found something worth watching? Let’s see.

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Oswald Reviews: The Spongebob Movie 2: Sponge Out of Water

I love Spongebob. I really do. I remember watching it when I was younger, and I still have so many cherished memories from this show. It is possibly the television show I quote the most. (ARE YOU FEELING IT NOW, MR. KRABS?)

I also watched the first Spongebob movie when it came out on DVD, and I loved it. When I first heard of rumors that a sequel was surfacing (no pun intended), I was hyped as heck. What would it be about? Would it continue from the first film? Will it finally explain where the freaking heck The Krusty Krab 2 is? When the first trailer was released, I was even more hyped. It’s exactly like I remember it! I was happy to see Stephen Hillenburg back in the writer’s chair. I had to see this.

I did end up seeing the film soon after it was released. What did I think of it? Well…let’s see.

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Oswald Reviews: The Road to El Dorado

One of the lesser known Dreamworks films, this film came out in 2000. It may not be known that well, but it still has a good group of followers.

The Road to El Dorado is a film that I wanted to see for a long time. I’e heard decent reviews about it, and it’s only now that I got a chance to sit down and watch it. Is it as good as some people say or something that should remain forgotten? Let’s see.

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Oswald Reviews: The Lorax (1972)

So let’s start out Dr. Seuss Summer with my favorite story, The Lorax!

No, I’m not talking about the 2012 film (I’ll save that for later). I’m talking about the classic animated short.

This is a short that nearly everyone has watched. It’s a classic. It’s a good cautionary tale about keeping the environment clean and a safe place to be. Is it carrying out that message? Let’s see.

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Dr. Seuss Summer!

It’s Summer!!!! (insert Frozen joke here)

It’s time for fun in the sun, freedom from school, and lots of time for some movie reviewing! Now that Summer is underway, let’s tackle some classic Suess films!

Dr. Suess stories have always been some of my childhood favorites. Nothing beat reading a nonsensical, thought-provoking book from the creative mind of Ted Geisel. And the shorts were pretty cool too. It was awesome to see these lovable characters fully animated, and with writing by the Doctor himself, what could possibly go wrong!

These animated shorts were classic. I sometimes see them playing on ABC during the holidays or on special occasions.

So let’s get started! The first review will be up in a few minutes!

See you later, Animators!

Oswald Reviews: Sintel

Let’s talk about the Blender Foundation. Not only do they make one of the best open source CG software I know of (the only open source CG software I know, to be extremely honest), but they also make short films!

You most likely have seen these films and didn’t even realize it. You know those films on YouTube that are said to be made by PIXAR when they’re really aren’t? Those were most likely made by Blender!

The most popular of the films is Sintel. Why is this film the most popular? Let’s see.

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