Oswald Reviews: Inside Out

Okay. Before I go ahead, I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen this film, go watch it before reading this. I won’t be spoiling anything, I just want you to go into this film like I did. I didn’t know much beside the premise and some of the clips released on the Pixar YouTube channel. Go watch it now. Thank you.

Story: Riley’s family is going through some major changes. All of them are moving to San Francisco and that means new friends, new school, and new life. But Riley isn’t e main character, she’s our setting. Inside her head, a group of her major emotions try to keep her happy as she goes through her toughest times.

This is so creative. Sure, the premise of little people controlling your head isn’t exactly original, but the execution is absolutely genius. Not only that, the way they easily make abstract ideas such as emotion and psychology easy to visualize and understand is great. I’ve never seen Pixar so accurately display the real-life thinking of a ten-year-old.

The dialogue between the characters feel so real and believable, I felt like I had known these characters all my life. I had become “friends” with the people in this film.

Plus, this is a funny movie. I really liked the way the jokes were presented; they really made me laugh out loud in the theater.

All in all, great premise, even better execution.

Animation: The animation on this film is amazing. Pixar really blew it out of the water this time. The small particle effects next to Joy are a nice subtle touch, and the character animation is both comical and emotional.

The films use of bright, pastel colors gives a vibe of high imagination. The films representation of San Francisco is spot on (me being from the area and all). The film looks great.

Characters: It would be easy for a cast comprised of mostly basic emotions to be one dimensional and uninteresting. That is not the case. Not only are the characters likable, but they are also very funny. The movie focuses heavily on Sadness and Joy, but the other emotions don’t get shoved aside and remain an integral part of the plot. Plus, the casting on these characters is spot on, especially Lewis Black as Anger.

Riley is also a very interesting character. She isn’t just a vessel for the story. She is likable and feels important to the story. After all, it is HER story.

In conclusion, this film was soooo refreshing after three Pixar films ranging from bad to pretty good. I really loved this movie. I spent all night trying to find something fundamentally wrong with the film or something that didn’t fully work. I have yet to find something. I didn’t want those who didn’t see this movie yet to read this because I wanted to avoid the Frozen effect. I didn’t want people to come in with too high of expectations. If you really did not like this movie, I would really love to know. But personally, this film is one of my favorites. It brought me back to watching the fun Pixar movies I saw as a kid. It is certainly one of Pixar’s most imaginative, emotional, and comical films to date. For real this time.

See you later, Animators!

Story: 10
Animation: 10
Characters: 10
Total: 10


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