Oswald Reviews: Inside Out

Okay. Before I go ahead, I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen this film, go watch it before reading this. I won’t be spoiling anything, I just want you to go into this film like I did. I didn’t know much beside the premise and some of the clips released on the Pixar YouTube channel. Go watch it now. Thank you.

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Oswald Reviews: The Wiggles: Space Dancing!

I’m gone for a few weeks and I come back to review this. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I saw it lying around in my film collection from back when I was eight. To be totally honest, I didn’t like this film growing up. I thought it was annoying and creepy. That’s how I thought about it when I was eight! Who knows what I would think of it now? You know what they say; Curiosity killed the cat. Only in this case, curiosity slaughtered everyone the cat knew in the process.

Sorry…this was bad. Why? …let’s see.

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