Oswald Reviews: Battletoads (Television Pilot)

Battletoads is known by many gamers as a fun co-operative beat-em-up. I actually have never played it, as I didn’t get a Nintendo Entertainment System until I was twelve. I only own a couple games on the system, Battletoads not being one of them. Thus, I am not exactly familiar with the classic game.

Just like Bubsy, Battletoads had a cartoon television pilot that never aired. Could this one be as bad as Bubsy, or have I finally found something worth watching? Let’s see.

Story: When Princess Angelica is in danger, three young boys are turned into the heroic Battletoads. With their new powers, they fight to save the galaxy.

It’s a very simple story. As far as I know, it is different from the game, but I really don’t mind it. What I do mind is that THIS IS A BLATANT RIP OFF OF THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.

All down the surfer talk and the constant dated catchphrases, the Battletoads are really just ripping of the heroes in a half shell. The catchphrases in this aren’t even good or…catchy. Not that they were in TMNT, but at least they are memorable and stick in our heads. When will you ever hear yourself saying, “Let’s get Warty!” or, “Toads Rule!” That last one even sounds like “Turtle Power!”

It doesn’t get any more obvious.

Another thing is that the plot has no pacing. Plot points just come and go as they please, and they never give enough time for the viewer to process what happened. Things seem to come right out of nowhere.

Animation: The animation isn’t as much of an eyesore as Bubsy, but that still isn’t saying much. The animation is also very bland and restrictive. It seemed to be a trend in these 80s/90s cartoons, especially the ones made to advertise toys or games.

The colors are more of light, pastel colors compared to the harsh use of red and orange in Bubsy. This makes things easier to distinguish and make out. In fact, I remember a lot of Nintendo TV shows that use this color palette, but I’ll get that in a future review.

Characters: I don’t remember the toads’ names. All I know is that there was the nerdy one, the rebellious one, and the fat one. That’s really it. Take that as you will.

The princess is just the person who gets captured. She’s like April O’Neil except not as likable or distinguishable as a character. As you can tell these characters are just token stereotypes of cartoon characters at the time. They’re not exactly the most complex of characters.

In conclusion, Battletoads is just another show that’s a product of the time. Taking things from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the jokes and gags are horribly dated. Not only that, but the animation is restricted and the pacing is all over the place. Who would like this? I don’t really know. If you like the game, or you’re just a cartoon history junky, I guess you’d like this one. I particularly did not like it, nor did I absolutely hate it. It wasn’t annoying like Bubsy was, but i certainly did not enjoy it. It was just…weird…like…really weird.

See you later, Animators!

Story: 4
Animation: 4
Characters: 4
Total: 4


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