Oswald Reviews: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple (PS2)

Veggietales was an odd idea for a kids show. Whoever said that mixing talking vegetables with Christian Bible stories was a good idea is certainly on some kind of drug. All jokes aside, Veggietales was an interesting, silly take on parables and Scripture tales that a lot of kids enjoyed. Even if you’re not Christian, the show still teaches valuable lessons on how to deal with bullies and growing up. There was one problem I had with the show (besides the stupid idea): the video games.

These games were always bad. Even as a kid, while I still enjoyed them, I always wanted to give up on them. I didn’t remember why until I brought out the old consoles. The one that caught my eye was the Playstation 2 and my dusty copy of LarryBoy and the Bad Apple. Was this game as silly and fun as the show, or does this bad apple go straight to the garbage can? Let’s see.

Story: Larry the Cucumber is the richest vegetable in the town of Bumblyburg, but at night he dons the alter ego of LarryBoy. When an evil apple is taking over the town with the evils of temptation, the 300th anniversary celebration of Bumblyburg is threatened. Can LarryBoy save the town and fight against his strong craving for chocolate?

This story is very simple, and the moral is simple as well. Temptation is strong and it can take help from other people to help you get out of it; simple stuff. That’s really it. I can’t say much about it.

What I can talk about is the dialogue. This is some clever dialogue. Hearing Larry and Alfred’s constant banter and joking is very charming, and it is certainly something I thoroughly enjoyed hearing.

Graphics: The cutscenes are presented in clips from the episode this is based on, and they are very nicely animated, as the show always was. The actual gameplay animation is clean and dynamic, much like the show. The colors are bright and colorful, pertaining to the theme of the environment. All in all it is a very well designed world.

Controls/Gameplay: The controls are basic PS2-era platforming controls. X is to jump, analog sticks are to move and look around, and triangle is to interact. The other buttons perform special actions such as the whirlybird ability, which is a kind of attack. Holding X after jumping enables LarryBoy’s cape to glide across large areas. All these buttons control smoothly and do not usually cause irritation during platforming segments.

The camera, on the other hand, is a very bug problem. It lags behind a lot and never follows the character perfectly. There are times when Larry isn’t even on screen when I’m supposed to be jumping n the next platform. After a while, the camera became nauseating and had me want to stop playing.

The overall gameplay is very slow. Larry moves kind of slow, and with not many enemies, levels become quite a bore. What bored me the most were the boss levels. These levels would include fighting the Bad Apple in some way or finding a way around her traps. These segments became repetitive and slow, and made the game drag on forever. The looping music track did not speed things up either, as much as I enjoyed it. You could say it was made like this to appeal to children more, but even as a kid I had this same complaint which led to me quitting the game altogether. The game is very slow, and playing for a long time gets very grading.

In conclusion, LarryBoy and the Bad Apple is a decent game with clever dialogue, colorful graphics, and fun atmosphere. If you’re in a Christian family and you have a five-year-old who has a high patience, I’d recommend giving this a shot. All in all, for me, this game was “meh.”

Sorry for such a late upload; things got pretty busy. New review out soon!

See you later, Animators!

Story: 6
Graphics: 6
Controls/Gameplay: 4
Total: 5.3 (5)

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