Oswald Reviews: Bubsy (Television Pilot)

I hate Bubsy. He’s annoying. He’s unoriginal. He’s stupid. He’s what every video game character DOESN’T want to be.

…so who’s idea was it to give him a television show?

Okay, for those of you who don’t know, Bubsy was the mascot for the video game company, Accolade. He starred in many games on the SEGA Genesis and is most famous for the abomination known as Bubsy 3D for the Playstation. His main character trait is that he is loud-mouthed and loves to make pop culture references. Just by that description alone you can guess why I hate him.

In 1993, a television pilot for the character was pitched. It was never picked up for a full series. Why? Let’s see.

Story: Bubsy is a bobcat. He finds out that a new invention that materializes anything you think of. Because Bubsy is an idiot brave hero, he volunteers to test it out. But when the invention is stolen, it’s up to Bubsy and his friends to take it back.

As you can tell, the story isn’t exactly complicated, but it’s simple enough. The problem I have with it is not the basic story, but the writing. Plot points sometimes go nowhere or are ignored entirely, characters constantly make stupid, out-of-character decision, and the jokes sometimes come out of nowhere.

I’m all for random, silly cartoons, but you first have to establish a world with rules and guidelines. Just doing random things does not make you a funny, quirky cartoon. It just makes your show confusing. Adventure Time does this right. The characters still do weird, crazy things, but the writers keep what they do grounded in some form of reality.

Throughout the entire episode, I was annoyed and confused. The writing was everywhere, the jokes made no sense, and there was no sense of restraint behind what the characters can do.

Animation: The animation is very limited. The writing requires fast, zany animation, but the characters move so stiltedly and seem to have no weight. I get that this is only a pilot, but at least put some effort to sell what you’re trying to show us.

The overall environment is very yellow-orange. At least in the video game, the colors were dynamic and varying, instead of one constant color the whole way through.

Characters: Annoying. Enough said.

But If I had to explain more, I’d say that the only characters that we see the most are Bubsy, Bubsy’s niece and nephew, and the villains. Every other character is there to react to Bubsy’s insanity or just be tools to the plot. I’d be fine with that, as that has worked for shows in the past, if only the characters weren’t constantly interrupted by Bubsy’s chatter!

Bubsy does not shut up. He’s just a one note, annoying character. There’s absolutely nothing that makes him a character other than the fact he talks a lot! No other character trait. He shows no relation to the other characters. In fact, he rarely talks to them at all, and when he does, it’s only to gloat about himself or annoy the heck out of them.

All of these characters are either forgettable or annoying.

In conclusion, this show is annoying. That’s all you can really say about it. It’s insanity isn’t grounded in any kind of reality, the animation just keep up with the kind of jokes they’re trying to tell, and the characters are bland or annoying. Who would like it? Anyone who doesn’t have a reasonable brain: that’s who’d like it.

See you later, Animators!

Story: 3
Animation: 3
Characters: 1
Total: 2.3 (2)


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