Top 8 Disneyland Rides!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! I had recently been to Disneyland for the holidays and to help recover from PDLD (Post-Disneyland Disorder), I’ve decided to make a list of my Top 8 Disneyland Attractions. Why top 8? Because I could only think of 8. Let’s begin!

Remember, this is ONLY for the official Disneyland Park. Disney California Adventure is for another list.

8. It’s a Small World – This is a Disneyland classic. It shows the lasting message that all races are equal and we all live under the same moon and golden sun. The only reason why it’s so low on this list is because the song is a bit annoying. Nevertheless, it’s still very charming.

7.  Peter Pan’s Flight – Another classic ride that I absolutely love. Nothing’s better than flying with the boy who never grows up. The scenery in this ride is beautiful. The idea of the flying pirate ships is magically genius. The one downside is that the wait can range from 30 minutes to over an hour. The would be all fine and dandy if it weren’t for the fact that this ride isn’t that long. But the experience, although a short one, is still a magical one.

6. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue – Who doesn’t love Star Wars? Leave it the wonderful Imagineers to bring the awesome trilogy (yes, I said trilogy) to life! With over 50 different possible outcomes, this earns the number 6 spot on the list.

5. Space Mountain – Nothing feels better than zooming through space in your rocket. Everything about this ride says thrilling. The music is awesome. The environment is mysterious. The ride feels like you’re on lightspeed. It’s as awesome as a Space Mountain can be.

4. Indiana Jones Adventure – I LOVE the Indiana Jones films. I loved watching them as a kid and I love watching them now. So imagine how excited I was to ride this for the first time when I was nine. Every time I ride this ride I feel that same feeling I got when I was a kid. It really feels like being Indiana Jones. What else can I say? It’s a true adventure.

3. Matterhorn Bobsleds – The first roller coaster at Disneyland and one of my most favorite! Though it isn’t the smoothest ride in the park, it certainly is one of the most fun ones. Besides, it makes me feel like I’m in Cool Runnings.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad –  After riding the newly refurbishment, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has risen up on my favorites list. The new projection effects are marvelous. The new tracks are faster and smoother. If you haven’t ridden it, ride it. Look it up on YouTube. Do anything. The newly refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is absolutely marvelous!

1. The Haunted Mansion – This also includes the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay during the holidays. I absolutely love this ride. I’m a big fan of dark humor, the audio-animatronics are astounding, and the special effects are amazing. Everything about this ride oozes Disney magic and because of the Omnimovers, the line moves pretty quickly. Paul Frees and Corey Burton are phenomenal as the Ghost Host. There is absolutely nothing to hate about this ride. I love it.

What are your favorite Disneyland rides? Feel free to tell me! Happy Holidays once again and I’ll see you next year!

See you later, Animators!


7 thoughts on “Top 8 Disneyland Rides!

  1. I love the part of the Peter Pan ride when you’re flying over London. My favorite rides are The Haunted Mansion and Pirates. I’m on the east coast, so I’ve been to Disney World many times, but Disneyland only once. So, I enjoyed Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride since it’s not in Florida. And there was another ride that I liked a lot. I think you’re on a boat, and you go through all these stories like Moby Dick. I can’t remember the name of it. I may have liked The Matterhorn, but it wasn’t running when we went.

    • I love that part of Peter Pan too! It’s such a magical moment.

      The ride I think you’re thinking of Storybook Land Canal Boats. It’s the one where you ride through a bunch of fairy tales and stories (mostly made by Disney).

      New Orleans Square is possibly my favorite land in the park, mainly because of the rides and theming.

      • Yes, that was it – the Storybook Land Canal Boats!
        My wife and I went to California as part of our honeymoon in October of 2001. We were in Anaheim for 2 full days. The first day we went to California Adventure when it was brand new. We figured Disneyland was the same as Walt Disney World, so we went to Knotts Berry Farm the next day. It was horrible! Maybe it was because it was just after September 11, but the place was empty. There was 1 good roller coaster, and the rest of the things to do were pretty lame. We were done by noon, and were upset. So, I said screw it, we’re going to Disneyland! It was just down the block from where we were staying. When we got to Disney, the sign said that it was open until midnight! Talk about magical! We ended up getting a full day out of it, and did everything we wanted to do and then some. Oh, and because it was October, they had the Nightmare Before Christmas layover in the Haunted Mansion, which they don’t do at Disney World. That was cool too. One other thing that stood out to me was how small the castle is there! It was such a great day – one that I will never forget.

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