Oswald Reviews: The Christmas Tree

I love Christmas! There’s nothing better than drinking hot cocoa in front of the warm fire during a cold winter’s night. The season of giving and, of course, Christmas specials!

I thoroughly enjoy watching a good dose of The Grinch and Charlie Brown. They are just such classics. But then there are the other ones, the ones that everyone forgets about. The ones that make your stomach churn the minute you hear their name. I’m talking about the Christmas catastrophe, “The Christmas Tree.”

But let’s be a bit more forgiving here. Can this not be as bad as it looks? Or is it truly the worst Christmas special of all time? I mean, how could such a seemingly innocent tale be so bad? Let’s see.

Story: When a family moves into a new town, they move into an orphanage where the caretaker is abusing the children. Will the new family, the orphans, and their best tree friend Mrs. Hopewell be able to stop the caretaker from taking things too far?

As simple as it sounds, the story is REALLY hard to follow. There aren’t that many plot points, but they are just explained so poorly it makes it hard to understand. What makes it even stranger is that a majority of the film is spent in exposition. This film doesn’t know what “show, not tell” means. If you explain to much, it gets grading on the viewer and, eventually, gives too much to remember. Because of the lengthy exposition, it really doesn’t give me time to care about the situations these characters go through, let alone the characters themselves.

The story is long, expository, and just really, really boring.

Animation: Rankin-Bass specials have bad animation, but it’s just so charming with its stories and characters that I really don’t care. Since the stories and characters in this special are practically non-existent, the animation really stands out. I have never seen more awful animation in my entire life. There is practically no movement in any of the shots. The lip-sync is awful, the character designs are creepy, the poses are unnatural….it’s just…so…bad…

Characters: I don’t remember any of the characters names. I remember Mrs. Hopewell, but she’s a gosh-darn tree. You KNOW you have bad characters when the only character I can remember is the flippin’ tree!

In conclusion, “The Christmas Tree” is absolutely atrocious. There is practically no element in this film that I enjoyed. Sure, you can say that I enjoyed making fun of this film as I watched it, but that still would be a bit of a stretch. Who would want to see it? I don’t even know. I can’t think of any person that would enjoy watching this. Should you see it? No. Not at all. Don’t even try.

See you later, Animators!

Story: 1
Animation: 0
Characters: 0
Total: 0.3 (0)


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