Oswald Reviews: Big Hero 6 (SPOILERS)

I’m a Disney fan. I’m also a Marvel fan. So this is a perfect film for me!

I didn’t know much about Big Hero 6 when it was announced. It was just another not-so-well-known Marvel comic book series. Because of this, I came in with a pretty clear mind.

Can Disney make this underrated comic popular? Or is there a reason why no one knows this one? Let’s see.

Story: Hiro Hamada is the younger brother of Tadashi Hamada, an inventor. Tadashi invents Baymax, a medical care robot. But when Tadashi is killed in a mysterious accident, Hiro teams up with Baymax to get to the bottom of his brother’s death.

This story is a typical superhero origin story, but with the cliches there is a whole lot of heart. Disney is really good at giving their stories heart. I never was a fan of the way they wrote their dialogue, as it sometimes felt unnatural, but I know that it certainly contributes to the amount of heart in the story.

What did bother me was that they never say the word “dead” or any of it’s variants. They always refer to it as “gone.” I know it’s a kids film, but Disney has referenced death before. You could say that Hiro just isn’t comfortable with saying “dead,” but other characters say “gone” as well. It just bothered me, but it’s just nitpicking.

Animation: The film is set in the fictional city of San Fransokyo. The designs of the buildings and structures feels like San Francisco, but also has that Japanese flair. The animation is very energetic, and Disney…ish.

Characters:  I really like these characters. Hiro is a very intelligent, fun-loving kid. Tadashi is the strong older brother. And then there’s Baymax. Oh my goodness. I have never cared so much about a character in my entire life. Baymax is the real star of the film. He is just so lovable. All the other characters are cool as well, but I wish I saw enough of them to really get to know them. Then again, that’s just me.

In conclusion, Big Hero 6 is a very good film that’s filled with heart, humor, and that Disney magic that we always need. I definitely recommend sitting through the credits until the end, since it is a Marvel film.

See you later, Animators!

Story: 9

Animation: 10

Characters: 8


Total: 9

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