Top 8 Disneyland Rides!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! I had recently been to Disneyland for the holidays and to help recover from PDLD (Post-Disneyland Disorder), I’ve decided to make a list of my Top 8 Disneyland Attractions. Why top 8? Because I could only think of 8. Let’s begin!

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Oswald Reviews: The Christmas Tree

I love Christmas! There’s nothing better than drinking hot cocoa in front of the warm fire during a cold winter’s night. The season of giving and, of course, Christmas specials!

I thoroughly enjoy watching a good dose of The Grinch and Charlie Brown. They are just such classics. But then there are the other ones, the ones that everyone forgets about. The ones that make your stomach churn the minute you hear their name. I’m talking about the Christmas catastrophe, “The Christmas Tree.”

But let’s be a bit more forgiving here. Can this not be as bad as it looks? Or is it truly the worst Christmas special of all time? I mean, how could such a seemingly innocent tale be so bad? Let’s see.

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Oswald Music Reviews: Part of Your World

An actual music review! I’ve been meaning to do another one of these for a while now, and what better time to do it than now?

Disney has always been the king of animated musicals. It’s just their thing. The beautiful melodies that have come from the brilliant minds of people like the Sherman Brothers, Alan Menken, and Tim Rice have always enchanted us. It gives Disney that extra bit of magic. So without further ado, let’s review Part of Your World!

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Oswald Reviews: Big Hero 6 (SPOILERS)

I’m a Disney fan. I’m also a Marvel fan. So this is a perfect film for me!

I didn’t know much about Big Hero 6 when it was announced. It was just another not-so-well-known Marvel comic book series. Because of this, I came in with a pretty clear mind.

Can Disney make this underrated comic popular? Or is there a reason why no one knows this one? Let’s see.

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