My Least to Most Favorite Pixar Films

I am pretty surprised that I haven’t done this list yet. I am a huge Pixar fanboy. I love almost all of their films, so how fitting would it be to list my least to best favorite Pixar films? Why not! Let’s take a look.

EDIT (6/23/15): I added Inside Out to the list! Yay!

(NOTE: #14 = worst    #1 = best)

14. Cars 2 – Yeah, I know that I did say that I did like this film. But it just isn’t really a good film. For this film to be released by Pixar is just shamefully bad. I still enjoy it, but don’t expect to see me defending this film that much.

13. Brave – I was really underwhelmed when this film came out. I walked out of the theater and just went, “That’s it?” It really was an underwhelming experience.

12. Cars – This film is miles better than it’s sequel, but it’s such a weird concept. A world of talking transportation? Yeah…okay. I still enjoyed it, but I can’t wrap my head around a weird concept, bland storytelling, and boring characters.

11. Monsters University – I really enjoyed this film when it came out, but it didn’t have that Pixar quality I wish it could have. I really wish this could have been better, because it really could have. It just couldn’t survive with the lack of Pixar quality and all the continuity errors.

10. WALL-E – I never really liked this movie, but I do somewhat agree when people say it is a good film. I just can’t get around how tedious it gets sometimes. I appreciate what it does in the beginning when there’s no real dialogue and it’s just these two robots and their emotions, but the rest feels like a drag. A good film for the most part, but it can get boring.

9. Monsters Inc. – This movie was a movie I couldn’t stop watching growing up. My nostalgia for this film is the main reason I enjoyed the prequel so much. It’s story just felt a bit strangely paced near the end that it kept it from being one of my all time favorites.

8. A Bug’s Life – I liked this one too growing up. I liked the goofy nature it sort of had. I liked the villain. But it just gets a bit predictable, not just because I’ve watched it over and over but because it uses a lot of cliches. I still enjoy it. I can look past those errors, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

7. Ratatouille – Now we’re getting to the big ones. This is a beautiful movie. It just looks really good. I really wish I liked this movie more. It just is really good, but I didn’t get that much of an impact from it. Other people can say otherwise, but I can’t.

6. The Incredibles –  I really enjoy this movie, and a lot of other people do too. I’m a huge superhero movie fan, and when I heard Pixar was making one and that it’s directed and written by Brad Bird, I was excited. I love the creativity of this film. The superpowers, reminiscent of the Fantastic Four, are clever. The technology created in this film is imaginative. The overall style of this film is just wonderful. I really like this film more the style more than the story, which goes against everything I stand for, but I can’t get around it! I’m really excited for the sequel.

5. Toy Story – I really love the Toy Story trilogy. All of the films hold such a feeling of childhood and imagination. The life of a toy is really taken seriously, though some jokes are made. The relationship between Buzz and Woody is believable. It is an impressive first film.

4. Finding Nemo – Now this is a good movie. Andrew Stanton is my favorite Pixar director by far. He has a such a good grasp on what makes a good story, and this movie really shows. The animation is beautiful. The heart in this film is done perfectly. It shows how heart in a film can really work.

3. Toy Story 2 – This is how a sequel is done right. It doesn’t rehash the first film, it introduces new characters and settings, and improves on the world the first one established. The story is a very mature and the animation is a vast improvement on the last film. This is proof that John Lasseter knows how to make a sequel. Can you believe this guy directed Cars 2 as well?

2. Up – I was so close to crying on this film. I never cry, and not many films can make me cry. That is the sign of a well written film. The relationship between the characters is the highlight of this film. You care for all of them and they seem so real. Carl is an amazingly designed character. The clear shapes they use for the characters make them easily distinguishable. They’re personalities also help each character feel like a different person.

2. Inside Out – Out of all three of the films Pete Docter has directed, this one is the best. I still love the clear shapes to distinguish each emotion. The characters are real and believable. The animation is bright and imaginative. The story is creative, clever, and surprisingly very mature. This was the movie that I expect from Pixar whenever a film of theirs is put to screen.

1. Toy Story 3 – I also was close to crying to this one. I grew up with Toy Story, and Pixar knew that. They waited for the exact moment to make this film and made sure it was a fitting ending to this amazing trilogy. Hopefully there’s no Toy Story 4…

(6/23/15) EDIT: Apparently there will be one…oh no…

Do you agree with my list? What is your least favorite or most favorite Pixar film?

See you later, Animators!


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