Oswald Reviews: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (2000 Feature Film)

This one is weird. I mean that in all the ways possible. I watch this movie practically every year for Christmas alongside the original short. I’m not saying I exactly hate this movie. I don’t. I just…let’s take a look.

Why this fails as a movie: This is a weird movie. The cinematography is weird. The set design is weird. The costumes are weird (except for the Grinch, it’s pretty cool). The plot is weird. It just is weird. The set is really dark and grey, which is weird, considering it to be a Dr. Seuss adaptation. Jim Carrey’s over the top acting is…well, it’s just Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey. I have no problem with it, I get a lot of my humor from him. It just feels…uncomfortable. This film made me feel uncomfortable. Not that I don’t like films that do that, but I don’t think that was what this film was going for. Like I said before, I don’t hate this movie. It’s just that I don’t like the feel I think they were going for here. Not only that, but the Who’s are just really creepy. They look like a mix between Michael Jackson and Voldemort. It just freaks me out.


Why this fails as an Adaptation: This fails as an adaptation the same reason it fails as a movie. It’s just so colorless and uncomfortable. Not much of the book is in the movie either. The actual plot of the book doesn’t after a bunch of filler. The Whos being all commercialized throughout all of it defeats the purpose of it. The entire idea of focusing on the Whos is pretty strange by itself. We’re supposed to be following the Grinch’s story. I don’t care about if you learned your lesson, I want to see the Grinch. 

Something I see a lot in the Seuss film adaptations is the dumbing down of the moral. The moral is made stupidly simple in almost all of the films. Like I said in the last review, I’m fine with more depth to a moral. Just don’t change what already works. 


In conclusion, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is…uncomfortable. I just…don’t know what else to say. Should you watch it? Only if you want to. I wouldn’t, but if you want to you can. Just don’t be surprised if you see me turning off the TV when this comes on during the holidays. 

See you later, Animators!

Total: 3.5


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