Dr. Seuss Summer! Conclusion

So Dr. Seuss Summer has come to a close. What have we learned this past month?

Despite the new additions to the Dr. Seuss canon, I’m still glad people enjoy his stories to this day. The new movies completely destroying the original morals, they’re still there. They are still there for kids to see, though not exactly the ones I remember learning when I was a kid.

The old animated shorts are very different than the newer movies. I do prefer the original shorts than the movies. They channel Dr. Seuss’s original intentions because, well, he worked on them! His insight brought us these wonderful little cartoons. As much as I hate the new ones, I always have the old ones to come back to.

See you later, Animators!

2 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss Summer! Conclusion

    • Sorry. I did have that one planned. But I wanted to do a comparison between the old vs the new movies. I do have more Dr. Seuss stuff planned later this summer, such as The Wubbulous World of Doctor Seuss and the rest of the TV specials. Think of it as a part two. For now I decided to do a bit of a break because some big changes to the blog are coming up.

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