Oswald Reviews: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Well. This one might be a bit of a disappointing review. I actually don’t have much about this one. I know it’s a classic and all, but it is what it says it is: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Story: The town of Whoville is in LOVE with Christmas. The Grinch, on the other hand, is not. No one knows why but he just does. This year Grinch plans to do the unimaginable…STEAL CHRISTMAS!!!! But in the end, he realizes that Christmas is little bit more than presents and decorations.

This is a simple story with a simple moral…and that’s it! Is the story good? Yeah. Is the moral any good? Yeah. It’s a typical Christmas moral. It’s not about the presents it’s about the family and feeling of unity. Is it anything fancy? No. But is it any good? Yes siree. 

Animation: The colors reflect Dr. Seuss’ charming art style. The expressions on The Grinch’s face are absolutely superb. They are so expressive and evil looking. 

Characters: The Grinch and the Whos. That is all. No really. There’s not much time in the short to do any major character development. Just the basic character traits. The Grinch is hateful and grumpy, but smart and sympathetic. The Whos are happy and excited. They LOVE Christmas, but know that it’s not all presents and decorations.


In conclusion, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is a simple story with a nice, simple moral for kids. It’s not really as complex as some of Seuss’ other works, but it is a charming little Christmas classics. Would I recommend it? Well, you got to be honest with me, you’ve seen it already!

See you later, Animators!


Story: 8
Animation: 8
Characters: 7
Total: 7.6 (8)



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