Oswald Reviews: Horton Hears a Who! (1970 short)

This was a favorite of mine growing up. My parents would take me on boring, grey trips to their offices and all that I’d have in my hand was a book.. A big book, too big for me to carry. And that book was Horton Hears a Who. 

I didn’t know there was an animated special for this one. Before, I tried looking for it, but failed. It is only today that I have found it. So let us not delay! This is Horton Hears a Who!

Story: Horton is an elephant in the Jungle of Nool, swimming in the cool of the pool. But when he hear a faint little yelp, he finds a Who who is calling for help. When his dear friends think he’s quite mad, Horton begins to feel scared and sad. But leave it to the Who down below, that he in fact relates to his problem as he will show,

Okay, I’ll stop the rhyming here. The story is almost identical to the original book, only the Who Horton befriends is a scientist, not the mayor. They also add the subplot of the scientist trying to convince the other Whos that there is a world outside their own, which adds more reason that Horton and the Who might relate and befriend each other. 

The moral is really simple. People should respected no matter their importance. It is like many of the other Dr. Seuss works. The moral is simple but a good moral for kids to learn. It is not exactly deep or thought-provoking, but it is an important part of living a decent life. 

Animation: Colorful, like Seuss’ art style. NEXT!

Characters: Horton is a nice and caring elephant who stops at nothing to make sure his new friend is safe and sound. The Who is the same but he is lonely, which makes it more understandable that he’d form a close friendship with Horton.

The Kangaroo and her child are complete jerks. Sure they learn their lesson at the end, but seriously! She’s a pretty big jerk! She’s extremely pretentious and uptight, believing from the beginning that Horton was below her, she tells everyone that Horton is insane and a threat to everyone JUST BECAUSE HE TALKS TO A FLOWER, and she even threatens to BURN the flower and TIE UP AND CAGE HORTON! Jesus, lady. CALM DOWN!


In conclusion, Horton Hears a Who is a fun, cute adaptation of the classic book. Not spectacular, but it is something I’d show my kids (if I had any) to entertain them. It has a good moral, good heart, and it is something that just embodies Theodor Geisel. How could anyone mess up these wonderful classics? 

…oh no.

Story: 8
Animation: 8
Characters: 8
Total: 8

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