Oswald Reviews: Maleficent

Disney’s going the “Burton” route with their classics in Maleficent! Is this movie pure gold, or is this film worth nothing at all? Let’s see.

Again, since this is a live-action film, I won’t be doing the categories like my animated reviews.

Let’s start with the story:
Maleficent is a fairy who meets a boy named Stefan. They start hanging out and form a strong bond. But when they both start to grow up,  Stefan turns on Maleficent and steals her giant, beautiful wings to become king. Enraged by this, Maleficent sets a curse on his baby daughter, and the story goes like the original, with some changes made.

This film is a hard one because there really isn’t much to say about it. It wasn’t amazing, nor was it awful. It was a decent flick, and I did enjoy it immensely, but there was nothing extremely bad or good about it…sort of like the original film.

Yeah, they sort of did a good job capturing the simple nature of the original fairy tale. The story isn’t too complex or simple. There wasn’t anything spectacular about it, it was just a heartwarming tale of love. Though changed from the original flick, the story here doesn’t seem forced to be different from the original. I can thoroughly believe that this could actually be the true story.

Anything bad about it? The CGI is pretty bad. I kind of expected more from the biggest animation studio in the world. Maleficent’s close-up flying shots seemed incredibly fake. The fairies’ animation was pretty bad as well. Though it might just be a stylistic choice, the CGI looks pretty fake. They had to CG the toddler. Seriously guys? The acting got pretty hammy too. Angelina Jolie was awesome as Maleficent, but when she starts screaming, I start to snicker.  


In conclusion, Maleficent wasn’t exactly the best film, but it wasn’t the worst either. It worked well with what it was given, and carried out the fairy tale feeling that the original animated classic had as well. Should you see it? If you’re into Disney, certainly. If you’re just an average movie buff, I’d give it shot. I’m not going to say it’s a must-see, but I would watch it if I had time.

Next review will be Seuss-related. I promise!

See you later, Animators!


Score: 8



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