Oswald Reviews: The Lorax (1972)

So let’s start out Dr. Seuss Summer with my favorite story, The Lorax!

No, I’m not talking about the 2012 film (I’ll save that for later). I’m talking about the classic animated short.

This is a short that nearly everyone has watched. It’s a classic. It’s a good cautionary tale about keeping the environment clean and a safe place to be. Is it carrying out that message? Let’s see.

Story: We follow the Onceler, who is telling a boy of no name or motivation about his experience with the Lorax. He tells of a time when the grass was green and trees filled the land. But when his greedy, business-like nature takes over, he tears down the forest to build his Thneed empire.

This is a very simple premise, which is good for kids to follow. But what is not simple is the moral and the ending. The moral is to keep the environment clean, but it’s not a that you can do it, it’s that IF you can do it. It is the viewer’s choice if they want to help, and whatever they do will have a big impact.

And it is not blatantly obvious what the moral is, nor is it an easy moral to think about. It is something that the kids at home can think about, and that’s important.

Is there anything wrong with the writing? Well…the songs. Yeah, I know. “What?!? You can’t hate these classics!” I know, I know. I just find these songs a tad annoying. C’mon…Barbaloot Suits? Really?

Animation: The animation is pretty low-budget. Not exactly “cheap” but just low-budget. The colors are nice and there’s nothing unnatural about the movement. So I guess I can give it a good job.

Characters: These are classic characters: The Lorax and The Onceler. These are some nice, well-thought characters.

Neither of them are exactly bad, they are just doing what they think is best. The Lorax is just trying to help his friends and the Onceler is only doing what is best for his family and his business.

Whenever the Onceler is confronted with a situation where he should rethink what he’s doing, he just comes up with an excuse to help his business thrive. But he still can prove the Lorax wrong, too. Both of them aren’t exactly bad. They are just doing what they think is best for them.

In conclusion, The Lorax isn’t spectacular, but it is really good. A tad cheesy, but the message is still there. I still love this story. I remember reading the book all the time, and if you haven’t read the book, go and get a copy. It’s worth the money.

See you later, Animators!

Story: 9
Animation: 8
Characters: 9
Total: 8.6 (9)


5 thoughts on “Oswald Reviews: The Lorax (1972)

  1. I actually only saw this once and wasn’t really a fan of it. I mean, it’s definitely better than the 2012 film, but I still wasn’t fond of it.

    My favorite short is the ‘The Cat in the Hat’ one. My fave Dr. Seuss story is ‘The Sneetches’.

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