Dr. Seuss Summer!

It’s Summer!!!! (insert Frozen joke here)

It’s time for fun in the sun, freedom from school, and lots of time for some movie reviewing! Now that Summer is underway, let’s tackle some classic Suess films!

Dr. Suess stories have always been some of my childhood favorites. Nothing beat reading a nonsensical, thought-provoking book from the creative mind of Ted Geisel. And the shorts were pretty cool too. It was awesome to see these lovable characters fully animated, and with writing by the Doctor himself, what could possibly go wrong!

These animated shorts were classic. I sometimes see them playing on ABC during the holidays or on special occasions.

So let’s get started! The first review will be up in a few minutes!

See you later, Animators!


2 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss Summer!

    • It certainly will be an interesting series to write.

      I do plan to do The Lorax movie as well…I feel as though I should be scared.
      I have seen the film once before and I do remember the feeling of pure hatred and disgust the film gave me. I really hated it. But then again, things can change watching it a second time….

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