Top 8 Things That Should Be Made a Movie

With adaptations like Peanuts, Big Hero 6, and The Fault in our Stars (DFTBA) around the corner, it is no lie that adaptations are a popular genre in film. Can’t you think of all the great ideas that are waiting to be brought to the big screen? So today, I’ll share the Top 8 Things That Should Be Made Into a Movie.

This isn’t just animated films and this list does not include sequels, TV movies, or remakes. Just stories from other forms of media that should be made into a major motion picture.

8. Eddsworld – If you don’t know, Eddsworld is an internet animated series following adventures of Edd, Tom, and Matt as they go through various adventures.

Though it is very unlikely that this would become a movie.
If you haven’t seen it, go ahead and watch some episodes. It’s a lot of fun.

7. Phineas and Ferb – Why isn’t this already a movie? It’s popular enough. It’s one of Disney Channel’s most popular shows. Why not make a movie? THE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

6. Halo – I’m not big on first person shooters, but think about how cool it would be to make a movie on Halo. The world is so big and epic that it would be a marvel to see on the big screen.

The story would need some work for release on the big screen, but the visuals would be amazing.

5. Bioshock – Bioshock is one of my favorite video games. The story and environment is phenomenal. I can’t stress enough how this must be a movie.

Not only would it be cool to see the cites of Rapture or Columbia on the big screen, but it would be even better to see Jack, Booker, and Elizabeth adapted to film.

This must be made. Period.

4. Doctor Who – I can call myself a bit of a geek when it comes to a few things. One of which is Doctor Who; the British, time traveling, sci-fi show of adventure.

I want to see the BBC do something of interest to the Doctor in film. I don’t mean the TV special, nor do I mean the 50th Anniversary Special. I want a movie. I want to see the TARDIS flying in the theaters.

3. The Stanley Parable – This is my favorite video game of all time. It is witty, thought provoking, mind boggling, and the pinnacle of clever game design.
Now to make a film off of this would be difficult, but not impossible. You could do it Clue: the Movie-style and make a bunch of different endings.

If you have a chance, pick up a copy of The Stanley Parable from Steam because it is worth a play. This is not a paid endorsement…who would hire me anyway?

2. Walt Disney – The story of Walt Disney is an interesting one, and a profitable one. Disney could make so much more money off of a film about Walt Disney. Hire Tom Hanks again and get the film rolling. The Disney fans will thank you.

And the number one film adaption that should be made is….

1. Calvin and Hobbes – I love this comic. It is such a clever and adorable representation of childhood wonderment. The innocent ideas of Calvin and his imaginary friend, Hobbes, are so cute and thought provoking, it’d be an amazing film experience.

Calvin and Hobbes is the thing I want to see most on film.

Do you agree with me? Are there other films you wish were made? Feel free to tell me.

See you later, Animators!

6 thoughts on “Top 8 Things That Should Be Made a Movie

  1. What does DFTBA stand for?
    A film of ‘Phineas and Ferb’ has actually been planned. I haven’t heard about it in a while, so I’m not sure if it’s still in production or not.
    I heard that a ‘Halo’ and ‘Bioshock’ movie were also planned.
    There are two independent films being made about Walt Disney. But I’m not a big fan of a movie being made about Walt Disney. I guess I’m a bit greedy and want Walt Disney’s story to be known and loved by Disney fans alone and not the general public, lol! And I did NOT like Tom Hanks as Walt Disney!
    I’d like to see an animated adaptation of ‘Moby Dick’.

    • DFTBA stands for Don’t Forget To Be Awesome. It is commonly used by the author of The Fault in our Stars and hus brother, Hank.

      I did hear about that. Last time I checked I believe they cancelled it.

      That sounds great. I’d love to hear more of it.

      I guess I’m the opposite of you! 🙂

      Moby Dick would be an amazing animated film. I’d pay to see that.

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