The 86th Academy Awards: How’d it Go?

The 86th Academy Awards had a number of its memorable moments, like ordering pizza and crashing Twitter, but it didn’t take away from the real stars; the winners! What do I think of the winners? Well, to make a long story short, I liked them all. All the films I thought would win won. Frozen won its categories, Gravity won friggin everything, and 12 Years a Slave felt like a natural choice for Best Picture. I’m only disappointed that Get a Horse! didn’t win. Not that I expected it to, but it would have been nice. I guess that Gravity did win so many Oscars until it wasn’t funny anymore. I almost expected it to win the Best Picture because it won so many awards, but I’m sort of glad it didn’t. 

There’s not much to say about this year’s Oscars because I feel that everything was fine. From the minute I heard the nominations, I knew who would win, and they did! That’s strange because I usually disagree with at least one of the winners every year. 

How was the host? Ellen did well. She did order the pizza she promised, and gave the pizza guy a chance to serve pizza to people like Brad Pit and Harrison Ford. Man, that guy’s lucky. Who else gets a chance to serve pizza to Indiana Jones?

I really enjoyed this year’s Oscars…so…who’s up for The Academy Awards 2015? See you later, Animators!


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