Oswald Reviews: Killer Bean Unleashed

After Killer Bean Forever was a movie, Jeff Lew decided to give his loyal fans a video game. Is Killer Bean Unleashed as bad as it’s film counterpart? Or does this game actually deserve the praise it gets? Let’s see.

Story: The story picks up where the film left off and Killer Bean decides to get revenge on the Shadow Beans by killing their top operative. And you know what that means! Pointless fighting!

There are three modes in this game:


Story mode is exactly what you think, the game with the story.

Mega levels are levels that….actually I don’t know what they do. They aren’t any harder than the actual game. Is it because their longer? Is it because it’s in an outside setting?


Survival mode is not a mode that requires you to craft your own tools to protect yourself from the creatures of the night to prevent them from ripping out your corneas (I’m sorry, that sounds disgusting).

Survival mode is like a survival arena where you fight off other beans for as long as you can.

In general, it’s not much. But it is something enjoyable.

Graphics: The sucky motion capture animation isn’t in this. This time we have sucky Unity animations. But to be honest, the animation isn’t that bad. It is an improvement from the film. Seeing these characters acting in a cartoon-y manner seems a lot more fitting than the original animation.

I find it quite surprising to see that the low-budget game animation is better than the big-budget animated film.

But there are weird visuals in the game that when enemies get shot with the shotgun they go flying away. A majority of the enemies were killed because my one shot pushed them off the edge of something.

Overall, good graphics. Nothing seemed too overwhelming and it was pleasing to the eye.

Controls: I like that in the beginning, you can adjust the position of the buttons to your liking.


The controls are a bit strange. They’re responsive, but a bit too responsive. The controls have a strange sensitivity that drives me nuts. I don’t know if it’s my phone, but it makes things a bit hard.

What else can I say? It’s just the basic controls. Jump, move, shoot, change guns, etc.

In conclusion, Killer Bean Unleashed isn’t that bad of a game. It plays nicely, the story’s decent, and it’s all around enjoyable. While the films are making lame poop jokes and terrible stories, we’ll always have Killer Bean Unleashed.

Story: 7
Graphics: 8
7.3 (7)

2 thoughts on “Oswald Reviews: Killer Bean Unleashed

    • It’s a smartphone app, so I used the screenshot feature on my phone to take them. That’s how I do most of my screenshots, unless the film or game can be seen strictly on computer. If that’s the case I also have a screenshot program on my laptop as well.

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