Oswald Reviews: Adventure Time

I used to watch this show a lot. It was a favorite show of mine, and it really surprises me that almost everyone loves this show. But why? What makes this show such a big hit? Let’s see.

Story: In the Land of Ooo there are two best friends, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. Together they go around to fight evil and make new friends.

It sounds like a simple children’s show, but as the episodes started coming out the more we learned about this world. We start to learn about the notorious Mushroom War and the tragic backstories of the characters. It really does take a very sharp turn from harmless kids’ show to dramatic show for all ages. I really like that.


Animation: The animation in this film is freaking nuts. There’s all these bright colors and crazy visuals that really help with the tone of the film. Just look at this and tell me that you’re not overwhelmed with awesome.


Yeah. I thought so.


Characters: Like the story, the more the show goes on, the more complex the characters become. It is just so interesting to see the development and sadness of these characters. But these characters aren’t huge sticks in the mud. They can be fun and lovable. They are very easy to relate to. I think that what makes good characters.


In conclusion, Adventure Time proves to be a very enjoyable show, as it showcases how well written and mature a children’s show can be. I bet you never expected it from a show that looked like My Little Pony mixed with The Yellow Submarine.

See you later, Animators!


Story: 8

Animation: 8

Characters: 8


Total: 8


6 thoughts on “Oswald Reviews: Adventure Time

  1. This show is a lot of fun and silliness mixed with avant gard material. I love how blindly positive Finn tends to be, even when things look dire and impossible.

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