Oswald Reviews: The LEGO Movie

I was excited for this film, very excited. I heard everyone praise it and it just heightened my expectations. I rushed to the movie theater, got my 3D glasses, and watched the film. What did I think of it? Well, you know how everyone said this was an amazingly clever and funny film? In my opinion, to be totally honest…


Yes, The LEGO Movie is all the things people have said it to be. Why is this film unique above all else? Why does this film refuse to follow Hollywood’s directions? Let’s see.

Story: Emmet is a regular LEGO minifigure who lives his life as a construction worker. But when he’s seemed to fulfill the prophecy of the great Master Builder Vitruvius, he finds himself in a big adventure to stop the evil Lord Business from freezing the world with the most deadly weapon of all: The KraGle. 

This story is the most cliche thing ever written, but it makes sense. It makes sense because of the ending. If you’ve seen the film you know what I’m talking about. I will not dare spoil the ending for you guys. 

The best part is that there are a few hints at the ending in the film. I knew the ending coming into the film, so I caught the little hints they threw at us. There aren’t many, but they’re there.

Another thing I love is the fact that it’s aware that it’s ridiculous. It knows it is a LEGO movie and you can do whatever you want in a film like this. There are situations that seem impossible in real life, but in The LEGO Movie it’s okay. It can do anything in this world, just like our childhood.

I think that”s what this film captures best, our childhood. I grew up playing with LEGOs, and I’d bet my life on it that you did too. Do you remember those creations you made and the stories you told when you played with them. They were utterly ridiculous. I think that is what the story of this film wanted to show, and I appreciate it for that.


Animation: MY GOD. This film has some of the best animation ever put to film. The colors, the quick pace, and the amazing effect in the water. They made these LEGOs look like real LEGOs. You thought it was stop motion? Nope. It’s all computer-animation. Okay, not all of it, but most of it. 

I adore this animation. It’s pure gold.


Characters: First you have Emmet, an ordinary guy. As a protagonist, he’s rather likable. That’s kind of it. He’s just all around a nice guy. Then there’s Wyldstyle, who’s the cliche tough girl who softens up near the end. Then there’s Vitruvius, who’s voiced by FREAKING MORGAN FREEMAN. Yeah. Awesome.

And after that we have EVERYONE IN THE FREAKING UNIVERSE. I’m not kidding. All these characters are there. There’s Batman, Han Solo (sadly not voiced by Harrison Ford), Green Lantern, Superman, Michelangelo, Shaq, and EVERYONE ELSE!

One thing I would be nervous about is the celebrity voices. Are they obnoxious? No, the only two celebrity voices you could recognize is Morgan Freeman and Shaq, mainly because of their distinct voices. 

The characters are good, even if there are ten million of them. 


In conclusion, The LEGO Movie is a glorious film. This is the film that should have started off 2014, not that abomination of a film that we shall never speak of again. How should I summarize this film? Three words.

EVERYTHING. IS. AWESOME. (I’m not kidding, that song will be stuck in your head) 

See you later, Animators!



2 thoughts on “Oswald Reviews: The LEGO Movie

    • No, not better than Frozen. Frozen seems like a timeless film that will most likely last for a very long time.

      This film, however, will be very dated in a decade or two. It’s mostly because of the modern-day slang and phrases that are said throughout the film. It doesn’t make it a bad film, but more a film of the time period.

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