Big Hero 6: Disney’s First Animated MARVEL Movie

Yeah yeah, I’ve talked about this film before, but that was about year ago. Now that “Frozen” has come out, I want to talk further about Walt Disney Animation Studios.

After the ginormous success of Frozen, many people would wonder if Disney can keep up their success. That was certainly a question I had myself.

Like I said before in my Top 18 Favorite Disney Films, Frozen was the modern equivalent of Beauty and the Beast. Before you go and hate on my decision, I’d like to explain.

I think Frozen is the modern equivalent of Beauty and the Beast not because Frozen is just as good as Beauty and the Beast (even though it is very close to being), but because it had the same effect as Beauty and the Beast did during the 90’s. Sure, it didn’t get nominated for Best Picture. Sure, it has more problems. But it still gave the feeling of pure Disney that Beauty and the Beast did as well.

All the films during this decade are a set of films I like to call the Disney Renaissance (again). These are all of the films beginning from The Princess of the Frog. These are films that now define Disney, films that are extremely successful both financially and critically. These are films we will always, always remember. Isn’t that what the original Disney Renaissance did?

Now the question of the hour is, how long will Disney keep this up. When will they go back to films like Chicken Little and Home on the Range? That’s when Big Hero 6 comes to the picture.

I’ve always hoped this film is as cool as it sounds. I like the feel, I like this world, it’s just feels so adventurous. I hope they don’t make it too adult because it’s a modern-day comic book movie. I want something like The Rescuers Down Under. I want an fun action-adventure like Indiana Jones. This is Disney! Do what Disney does best!

I’ve never read the comics, and from what I saw, IT LOOKS AWESOME! Do something like that Disney!

I am excited for this movie. Go look up more info on this film and try to tell me this doesn’t sound interesting. I dare you.

Hopefully this Disney Renaissance lasts longer. I hope that they have the long streak of great films like PIXAR did….

…and about the evolution of PIXAR? I’ll talk about that next time. See you later, Animators!

4 thoughts on “Big Hero 6: Disney’s First Animated MARVEL Movie

  1. I was kinda skeptical about this because I didn’t want a Marvel film to be part of the Disney Canon, but I’m more optimistic and even excited about this film now.
    Btw, which film, in your opinion, was the start of this 2nd Disney Renaissance?

    • I think The Princess and the Frog might have been the start of the great-movie streak.

      I do remember that you don’t enjoy the latest Winnie the Pooh film, but I still think it had some part in Disney’s comeback.

      • Oh if we are in a second Renaissance, then “Winnie the Pooh” definitely was part of it!
        Remember that even the regular Disney Renaissance had a film that didn’t do well at all when compared to the other films in the Renaissance (“The Rescuers Down Under”).

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