Oswald Reviews: The Nut Job

Yeah, I know I said I’d never see this movie but how could I resist? This film looked so intriguingly terrible I had to watch it.

But, I did not watch this film alone. A special team has to be set up to watch this film. BenCows and Happy Llama saw it with me.

We had all the special reviewing tactics for this film, and we weren’t afraid to use them.

I was ready for this movie and I hope you are too. Was this movie as bad as I thought it would be? Or does this film make me want to kick someone’s nuts? Let’s see.

Story: Surly Squirrel is a selfish little squirrel determined to do only one thing and ine thing only; Steal nuts. But when he accidentally destroys his park’s food supply, he is sent away forever.

On his travels, he comes across a nut shop. Overcome with glee, he plans to steal the nuts to regain the trust of his friends.

I have one word for this story: CLICHE.

This story used nearly every cliche in the book and packed all these different morals into the plot. This film was beyond predictable, and it really did throw this film in the wrong direction.

Another thing, the film is way to mean-spirited. Everyone is a jerk in this film. Even the stupid fart jokes don’t save the tone of this film.

Speaking of which, the jokes were terrible. I did not smile once during this film. All the jokes are just terrible slapstick and mediocre potty humor. I was in a theater of little kindergarteners and I only heard them laugh a few times, half of them were during parts that weren’t supposed to be funny.

Pretty bad, guys. Pretty bad.

Animation: To be honest, the animation isn’t that bad. I like that it tried to go for a Looney Tunes-esque style. The designs are rather appealing and they do set the mood.

Characters: I have no connection to these characters. I don’t care a thing about them. I had a better connection to my soda than the characters.

We never learn any backstory from any of these guys. The closest thing to a backstory would only be one line of dialogue. ONE LINE.

Other than that, the main character is such a jerk! I didn’t like him at all. I didn’t care about how he changed at the end or how supposedly “died”. You just want to punch him right in the face.

About the other characters? I don’t remember them. Seriously I don’t. The only one I remember just a bit is Grayson, voiced by Brendan Fraser. The main reason why I remember him so much is because he freaking screams all of his lines! I am not kidding.

In conclusion, The Nut Job was terrible. I totally regret seeing this film. Do not see it. Never see it. Don’t even try to watch the crappy Psy cameo at the end. Never see it.

Don’t put your money into this stuff, you’ll just encourage them to make a sequel…

…they’re making a sequel aren’t they?

Story: 1
Animation: 6
Characters: 0.5
Total: 2.5


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