Opinions Can Change…really.

Remember my Top 8 Animated Films I Hate But Everyone Else Likes? Remember I put How to Train Your Dragon on there? I recently watched it with some friends and after watching it again, I was blown away.

I loved the beautiful animation, the likable characters, the amazing music, everything was almost perfect. It’s not Disney-perfect, but it is still mighty impressive. Expect to see a full review on it later down the road.

See you later, Animators!


Oswald Reviews: The LEGO Movie

I was excited for this film, very excited. I heard everyone praise it and it just heightened my expectations. I rushed to the movie theater, got my 3D glasses, and watched the film. What did I think of it? Well, you know how everyone said this was an amazingly clever and funny film? In my opinion, to be totally honest…


Yes, The LEGO Movie is all the things people have said it to be. Why is this film unique above all else? Why does this film refuse to follow Hollywood’s directions? Let’s see.

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Why Use Motion Capture Animation?

Animation is a very diverse medium isn’t it? There are so many different ways to make an animated show or film. There’s hand-drawn animation, cut-out animation, CG animation, there’s just so many to count!

But the one method that seems to have such a bad rep is Motion Capture animation. Everyone seems to have the same opinion about it. People have said stuff like, “Why use motion capture if real people are right there?” And to be totally honest, I see where they’re coming from.

Why do people use motion capture animation? Why should you even use it at all?

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Oswald Reviews: The Nut Job

Yeah, I know I said I’d never see this movie but how could I resist? This film looked so intriguingly terrible I had to watch it.

But, I did not watch this film alone. A special team has to be set up to watch this film. BenCows and Happy Llama saw it with me.

We had all the special reviewing tactics for this film, and we weren’t afraid to use them.

I was ready for this movie and I hope you are too. Was this movie as bad as I thought it would be? Or does this film make me want to kick someone’s nuts? Let’s see.

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