My Top 18 Favorite Disney Films! (part two)

Hey guys! This is part two of My Top 18 Favorite Disney Films! Before I continue, I must remind you that this is only my personal opinion. Some of these films may not be good, but I still may enjoy them. And SPOILER ALERT. Be careful if you read this and you haven’t seen any of these films.

So let us continue!

9. Tarzan – I think this film is often overlooked, but in honesty I see why. It’s not that it was a bad film, but it was kind of forgettable. It was enjoyable, but then a couple months later you would forget it existed. I still enjoy this film and it continues to make me happy every time I see the Tarzan name.


8. Mulan – For some reason I don’t know many people who remember this film. But why? The story is decent, the characters are fun, the animation is colorful, and the songs were awesome! Those characters who have singing voices that don’t really match their speaking voices sound awesome!  Who can forget songs like Reflection or I’ll Make a Man Out of You? Know one can forget them. they are just so great to listen to.

Again, it’s a fun movie. Go see it if you haven’t.

7. Peter Pan – This movie is just…cute. It did make Peter Pan a household name. What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Peter Pan? You think of the green suit with the red feather, of course! What do you think of when you hear Captain Hook? You think of the zany pirate in red! Everyone thinks of the Disney version when you hear Peter Pan. And it really makes sense.

The animation is nice and the characters are not just cute and cuddly, they are just…kids. Think about it. Peter Pan is a stubborn little kid who just wants to show off. But is it his fault? He’s just a kid being what he does best, being a kid who won’t grow up! 

I like this film, and it deserves number 7 on my list.

6. Pinnochio – What a dark, dark, dark film. Pinnochio has to be the most unlucky kid (or puppet) on Earth! He gets constantly tricked and conned, gets eaten by a whale to save his father, and DIES in the progress. This is a real dark film. Those people who say that Pinnochio is a happy, charmng little film…it is, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its dark elements. 

I still enjoy this film, mainly because, well, I like dark stories! I like all the darkness and fear this film gives us. It makes the world all the more frightening for our main character. I really love this flick.

5. The Princess and the Frog – I believe this was the start of Disney’s 2nd Renaissance. This was when films from Disney started getting good. Disney went back to their roots, but made it a more modern take. That’s exactly what this film gave us. It gave us the return to the roots of Disney, from the art style to the fact it’s a fairy tale, but it still updated to the modern era. I like that. 

There are a few goofy moments, like the ending with the weird resolution. Seriously, how confusing can you be?

4. Brother Bear – This is another overlooked film. I really don”t know why. It isn’t bad. It has a lot of good lessons and heartwarming scenes. The relationship between the main characters are eerily similar to the relationship of Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope…but that might just be me. 

The only thing I can complain about in this film are those friggin talking moose. I’m sorry Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, you are great guys but this didn’t sway me.

3. Tangled – I thought this would be my most favorite Disney film, mostly because I thought that modern Disney couldn’t get any better than this. I love everything about this film. I love the characters, the songs, the story, it is almost a perfect film. It’s the modern equivalent of The Little Mermaid. I love this film. I truly do. 

2. Beauty and the Beast – Dear Oswald…this film is good. Have you ever read a positive review on Beauty and the Beast? Then you’ve read my opinion on it. Next film.

And my number one favorite Disney film is…okay okay. You want me to talk more about Beauty and the Beast some more, don’t you?

Well what else is there to say? It’s a very beautiful film in all meanings of the word. Beautiful designs, characters, animation, and story. I guess that’s what this film captures the best, beauty. I think the moral they tried to pull off was very effective. Beauty can come from anyone and anywhere, it doesn’t always matter on how you look. I think it did a good job with that.


No more stalling this time. My number one favorite Disney film is…


1. Frozen – I know that there are a bunch of you disagreeing with me right now, but let me explain. When I thought Tangled was the best Disney can give us in this generation, I was wrong. I really was. This is a film I am still speechless over. The characters? Lovable. The songs? Unforgettable. The story? Dear God. The story is the star of this film. The way they pull off the situations in this film is phenomenal, especially since this is Disney. They actually do the opposite of what the usually Disney cliches used to be.

The climax is about finding an act of true love. So what? They’re just going to kiss the Prince and everything will fall back to normal. Nope. The Prince ends up being evil, and the act of true love is Anna sacrificing her life for her sister. Man, was that unexpected. How deep and moving is that? True love isn’t just a love between a boy or a girl. It can be the love of a family member or a man and his pet.

Of course, that doesn’t stop them from throwing it their classic tricks like killing off the parents in the first ten minutes. But, you know, that’s Disney. They use the death of parental figures to create quick drama.

The only thing that I have to complain about is the villain. He’s more of a bratty jerk than a villain. I didn’t really want him to be defeated, I just wanted to punch him in the face or something…and surprisingly that is how he’s defeated.

You may argue that this film isn’t as good as Beauty and the Beast or something. To me, this is my favorite Disney film because it did what Beauty and the Beast did to the audiences of the 90’s. It captivated them and made them say, “Wow, that is a Disney film. A pure, honest-to-God Disney film.”

I love it now, and I think I always will.     


What do you think? Do you agree with me? If not, tell me why. I’d love to hear. But for now…

See you later, Animators! 

12 thoughts on “My Top 18 Favorite Disney Films! (part two)

  1. Great list!

    There actually are a lot of people who remember and love “Mulan”, well many people from my age group. I’m a bit older than you, so maybe that’s why. Me personally, I never liked “Mulan”…but never disliked it either.

    “Peter Pan” was the only movie that I had always liked, but DISLIKED after re-watching it for my Disney Canon project. I don’t even know why! It just disappointed me and let me down from what I remember it to be. On a side note, do you watch “Once Upon a Time”?

    “The Princess and the Frog” is a movie I only like for the animation, that’s it. “Brother Bear” I feel is underrated too, but definitely not on my top favorites list “Tangled” was…ok…good.

    You liked “Frozen” better than “Beauty and the Beast”?! Wow, I soooo need to see it! I probably shouldn’t have read your paragraph about “Frozen” though, lol!

  2. I used to love watching “Brother Bear” with my little sister and brother. I had totally forgot about it! I never seen “Frozen”, so I can’t judge your decision, but I definitely liked your placement of “Beauty and the Beast”. It has always been one of my favorites.

  3. Glad to see another Frozen fan! I don’t know if I’d rank it as my favorite Disney film but I’d be hard-pressed to find too many more that are better than it.
    Great list, I really enjoy your writings!

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