My Top 18 Disney Canon Films! (part one)

I’m surprised I haven’t done this list before. It is one of the most essential lists to do on blogs like this. Lists like this aren’t easy. The decision-making process for this list was just me staring at a list of Disney films on my laptop screen. It wasn’t easy, but here you go!

I couldn’t stick with only 8 films so 18 it is! Might I remind you that this is only the films in the Disney Canon. No Live Action films. No DisneyToon Studios. Just films from Disney Animation Studios, all 53 of them.

So, no further stalling, Let’s get to My Top 18 Disney Canon Films!

18. The Fox and the Hound – I don’t like this film THAT much, but I still think it’s a good movie. I like the relationship between Todd and Copper. I really like the characters in this film. They seem so genuine.

17. Alice in Wonderland – This film is freaking nuts. There’s no plot, no logic, no character…AND I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I really love The Mad Hatter. I love Cheshire Cat. I love The March Hare. But surprisingly, I don’t really like Alice. She’s not that interesting, but I do have my worries for her.

What did she do to think of all these things in her dream? I know it’s a dream and some weird stuff can happen in dreams but seriously. What is wrong with her?

People complain that this film doesn’t have much plot or character, but its Alice in Wonderland! It’s not supposed make much sense.

16.  Fantasia – This is animation used as a true art form. The music and the animation fit together so perfectly. It is very beautiful. If I were to give at least one criticism it would be that releasing a film like this after Snow White and Pinnochio is noy a very good idea. At this point, Disney had earned the reputation of making fairy tale films so making a very artsy film probably was a bit of a surprise. Other than that, I really like this film.

15. The Lion King – This another film where the animation is wonderful. I love the way they capture the spirit of Africa with all the colors and music. The music isn’t bad either.

Tim Rice and Elton John do a really good job with the score and songs in this film. These songs are one of the main reasons this film is so well remembered.

I love the characters, I love the story, I love the animation, what is there I don’t like? Three words. TIMON. AND. PUMBAA.

It’s not like they’re bad characters its just that they’re a bit over rated. They’re funny, but not THAT funny. They’re actually supposed to be the bad influence on Simba, and they stay in their negative attitude until they learn what’s right at the end. But I guess the fact that they have a solid story arc kind of redeems them.

Other than that, I like this movie a lot.

14. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – This movie is really cute. It has a cute storyline, cute characters, and a cute little idea of a film. No wonder this film is so often associated with toddlers, it’s just so darn adorable! The fact that the story and characters are just so simple kind of sets a feeling of happiness on you.

13. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad – Man, these are some crazy, crazy stories. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is creepy and The Wind in the Willows is freaking nuts!

I really love both these two stories for the reasons I just mentioned. I love all the creepy but fun elements of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and I really love the zaniness of The Wind in the Willows. What else can I say? Just go watch it if you haven’t already. In fact, when I’m done writing this post I will dig through my VHS tapes just to watch it.

12. Hercules – I like this film because…well…I don’t know why I like it. It isn’t bad, nor is it Disney’s best work. I guess I like the feeling or vibe they were going for, even though it doesn’t make much sense. Do you think you would think of Gospel music when you think Hercules? Not really. You’d really never think of those two things together at all, especially considering that they are two completely opposite things.

But other than that, why do I like this film? It’s just a really fun flick. Sure, it doesn’t make sense sometimes and the choices they made for this film are questionable, but isn’t it so much fun? Every time I watch this movie I really just want to grab some friends and a bowl of popcorn and just have fun. And that’s really strange considering since I don’t like popcorn (Go ahead guys. Kill me.).

11. The Emperor’s New Groove – Again, this is another film that isn’t something special but it really is just a lot of fun. But what sets this apart from Hercules is that it seemed to have just as much heart as jokes. Of course Hercules had a lot of dramatic moments, but what were they limited to? The beginning and the end?

I guess it doesn’t matter much, mainly because these two were very close. I had to pick one that was better than the other.

10. The Three Caballeros – When someone asks me what this film is about, I just tell them, “Donald is opening some presents. That plot is only in the film for 30 minutes and then it just goes to complete and utter madness.”

Isn’t that it? Most of the film is either the three birds acting goofy or Donald chasing after women. Geez, I wonder what Daisy would say…

I grew up watching this film and would sing the song all the time and annoy the heck out of my parents. I guess its just the nostalgia that wins me over for this one. So, I guess that’s sort of cheating, but it’s my list…so I guess I’m okay.


That’s only half of the list, so stay tuned for Part Two to come as soon as I can (which will probably be two weeks from now)! See you alter, Animators!



2 thoughts on “My Top 18 Disney Canon Films! (part one)

  1. Top 18?! Well, have fun with that!

    -I actually quite love Alice and consider her my favorite female character in the Disney Canon.

    -I think you’re the only person I know who has “The Lion King” so far down (#15). Did you not grow up on it? Or are Timon and Pumbaa too annoying for you?

    -You’re also the only person I know to have one of the package films from the ’40s in your top 10, and “The Three Caballeros” above it all!

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