Why is Disneyland “The Happiest Place on Earth”?

I’ve just come back from Disneyland and am currently suffering from PTDLD…Post Dramatic Disneyland Disorder…it’s a thing…

But in all seriousness, why is this place so great? Why is Disneyland loved by kids and adults, alike? What makes Disneyland Resort the “Happiest Place in Earth”? Let’s see?

As a Disney fanatic, I thoroughly believe Disneyland is one of the greatest places on the face of the Earth. But, other people don’t think that. I see where they are coming from. Nowadays, DisneyParks has increased its prices so much and the company is frequently seen as money-stealing businessmen/women. I understand that. Disney is still a company, and they can make some dumb decisions (cough-AvatarLand-cough)

Most people go to Disneyland for the rides and shows. BenCows asked me why I stay for more than four days if by the second day, I’ve gone on every ride I wanted to go on. That really is a good question. I figured it was because it was the happiest place on earth. But knowing that Ben is the “harsh reality”-type guy, I obviously didn’t say that.

But we forgot about all that and had a fun time and riding the scariest ride at Disneyland…The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It had the longest wait time…

Ben left and it was just me left in the park. Again, I began to wonder. Why am I still here if I’m done with everything? Then I sat down and watched all the people. I remember seeing their smiling, happy faces. I remember seeing little girls as princesses and little boys as swashbuckling pirates. I even watcher the older kids and saw how much fun they were having. And after seeing all that, I began to understand.

Rides and entertainment is nice and all, but that isn’t Disneyland. I believe that Disneyland isn’t the happiest place on earth because of Mickey Mouse shows or Peter Pan rides. Disneyland is the feeling of happiness, the feeling of joy, the feeling of wonderment that it was intended for. Disneyland is the idea that there is a place where you can go away from all the hardships of life and just be happy.

So when you’re at Disneyland and you’re all done with the hurrying to be first in line for Radiator Springs Racers or to get the best seats in Mickey’s Magical Map, sit down.

Just sit, probably with a churro or turkey leg in hand, or even a Mickey or Oswald ear hat. Sit back, relax, and enjoy what can be possibly The Happiest Place on Earth.

See you later, Animators, and have a very Happy New Year!


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