The Minions…please stop…

I realize I have to admit it someday, so might as well get it over with.


Did he really just say that?

Yeah. You heard me correctly. I never thought the minions were funny. Well, I knew the little kids would appreciate the slapstick humor and the fact that we can’t understand them, but I never though that nearly EVERYONE IN THE FRIGGIN UNIVERSE would like them! Everyone I know keeps on telling me how amazingly funny they are and how they laugh every time say see them. I don’t understand the phenomenon.

Why do I dislike these little yellow pills so much?

Not only does it seem to me that it’s how the studio’s making money, but the Minion’s shtick gets old way too quickly. It’s all ways the same, they’ll blabber some stuff we can’t understand, do a bit of slapstick or sing a silly song, and we cut away like nothing ever happened. It’s not always like that but as you watch the Despicable Me films a lot more you tend to notice a pattern.

Not only do they get old fast, but we don’t no anything about them. I know they’re just side characters that don’t have any purpose to the story other than to look funny, but do we know a thing about them?

What the heck are they? Are they aliens? Did Gru make them? Are they from an alternate world? WHAT THE FRIDGE ARE THEY?!?!?!?

I find it strange that silly stuff like the Minions is fine for older people while silly things like the Rabbids (who are very similar to Minions might I add) are “childish”.

Have you noticed they are the exact same characters?

It boggles me that something like the Minions can be so popular. Let’s just be glad that there’s no more Minions for years now.

Oh I hate you….

See you later, Animators!


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