Oswald Reviews: Disney Spin-offs and Sequels (Saving Mr. Banks)

This counts as a spin-off right? No? Well, forget it I’ll do it anyway.

For 20 years, Walt Disney has tried to convince P.L. Travers to let him make a film on her book, Mary Poppins, but she has always refused. But this time, P.L. Travers has given in.

She has come to the Disney Studios to work with Walt on the film, but she must have first say on the decisions. When Mrs. Travers won’t agree on anything the Disney team gives her, Walt must teach Mrs. Travers to let go of her past and live in the present.

I loved this movie, not because the Disney nerd inside of me was excited about Walt Disney portrayed on the big screen for the first time, not because I’m a slave to Disney and will like anything they throw at me, but because of the amount of heart and character they gave this film.

As you may know, I am all for hardcore character development in films. I feel as if a lot of good films and stories have solid characters that are relatable.

Walt Disney, played by Tom Hanks, is phenomenal. I know that Tom Hanks doesn’t look or sound a thing like Walt Disney, but boy does he feel like him. He has that child-like wonderment and thst sort of happiness and determination that always associated with the one and only Walt Disney.

But he isn’t all fun and games, he can be serious, and he is still a businessman, a very good one at that. He also isn’t shown as a perfect person. Might I remind you that this happened about 4 years before his death. Every once and a while he’d give out a hard cough. Heck, in one scene it shows him smoking and he quickly hides it when someone sees him. Little touches like that really add to a character.

P.L. Travers, played by Emma Thompson, is a great character. Many people think this film is about Walt. No, this film is truly about P.L. Travers. I love what they did to her backstory. The sadness of her story is conveyed very well in this film. No emotion is flat out said, emotions in this film have to be shown.

And that’s the great thing about this film, the fact that nearly every emotion or personality is shown, not said. Nothing is told to the audience, everything is implyed or hinted.

This film was great. There were a couple problems, but again that would be nitpicking. People came in for Walt Disney, but came out satisfied with a beautiful,  wonderful movie.

9/10 See you later, Animators!


5 thoughts on “Oswald Reviews: Disney Spin-offs and Sequels (Saving Mr. Banks)

  1. And yes, I do realize that a lot of the film isn’t true. P.L. Travers never liked working on the film and loathed it for a majority of her life. Walt and her weren’t really that good of friends and they were kind of jerks to each other, But that still doesn’t affect how good the movie was.

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