Oswald Reviews: Disney Spin-offs and Sequels (Tarzan and Jane)

I haven’t seen this film in years. So I was pretty excited to see how well this film would hold up. Does it hold up?

Obviously this film is no masterpiece. Why? Let’s see.

Story: Tarzan and Jane have been married for a year. Apparently there’s marriage in the jungle now…hmm.

Jane is trying to come up with a gift for Tarzan. While thinking, Jane, Terk, and Tantor recollect the good times in the past year.

The story is boring. The little sub-plots are basically just the deleted Tarzan TV Show episodes.

There are some goofy moments like a time where Tarzan SURFS on hot lava, a bunch of childish jokes, and just all around silliness. And remember folks this is based off a film that had THIS!


Yeah…pretty silly.

Animation: You know those Legend of Zelda CDI games?  Yeah, that’s the movie. Just slap Tarzan onto it.

The animation in this film is atrocious. They didn’t put any effort into what they were doing. One frame would jump to a totally different frame multiple times in a single scene! The animation was terrible.

Characters: We have the original characters (with different voices) in the film. But there are a couple new characters that we meet that are the three B’s. What are those you ask?

BKFRTHJAPII..there are actually only 2.

We don’t learn anything about these characters, they don’t have solid story arcs, and they are just….BORING!!!!!!

In conclusion, this film was bad, I mean, really bad. I became dumber watching this film. It is that bad. Don’t watch this film. And if you ever see this film in the clearance bin at Wal-Mart, I want you to RIP IT IN HALF AND BURN IT IN THE TRASH WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!!!!

See you later, Animators!

Story: 2
Animation: 1
Characters: 2
1.6 (2)


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