Oswald Reviews: Frozen

Never have I seen a film that made me really think. For the past films I’ve reviewed,  I had a very sure opinion of the film by the finish, and I can easily pick out its pros and cons.

But this film, however, left me with not much to say. Not that it was bad, it was certainly not bad. But why did it leave me in such a state of deep thought? Let’s see.

As you can tell, this review isn’t going to be like all the others. This is going to be analytical and less of the structured Story, Animation, and Characters-type review.

For a very long period of time,  Disney was producing more and more bad films. But all that changed when The Princess and the Frog came by, then came Tangled, then Wreck it Ralph, and now Frozen.

I have no words to describe the epicness, the beauty, and the downright awesomeness this film has to offer. It was extremely enjoyable to watch. All the main characters are likable, the story is clever, and the animation is beautiful.

Are there any bad things about this film? There are. Quite a few, in fact. But that would be nitpicking. The small flaws don’t overshadow the parts of the film that work amazingly.

The songs are likable as well, and it serves its purpose in the story. The story really knows how to pull on your heart strings.

Disney did very well making this film, and it probably one of my top favorites beside Tangled. Very good film, a few flaws, but all around enjoyable. Go watch it if you ever get the chance.

See you later, Animators!

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