Oswald Reviews: Get a Horse! (SPOILER ALERT)

I watched “Frozen” the other day, and I was very excited to see the film. But I was also excited for the animated short that would play before the flick, “Get a Horse!”. This was a film that a lot of Disney fans were waiting for, and critics seemed to really like it. Is it as good as they say? Let’s see. But beware, I will be spoiling some elements. So if you have not seen the film yet, I advice you click away.

Story: Mickey and Minnie Mouse are boarding a cart one day, and Pete comes along and takes Minnie. They do the cheesy 20’s slapstick, but something is different. Mickey has crashed through the screen and entered the world of 3D! 

This is a very creative story, though used multiple times before. I certainly did not expect Mickey to pop out of the screen like he did, so I was thoroughly surprised when he did so. The gags they pull are funny indeed, and the way they made it very faithful to the classic Mickey Mouse cartoons was very nice. 

And be on the lookout for a cameo by our favorite little rabbit at the end. 🙂


Animation: First off, the 2D animation. In the beginning, they pull it off as a classic 1920’s or 1930’s Mickey cartoon. They even shrink down the screen a fair bit. The animation is very lively and nearly everything has a face…I’m not kidding.

But how’s the 3D animation? It’s Epic Mickey. That’s basically it. Well, it was upgraded a bit for theaters, but other than that it’s Epic Mickey graphics. But I will very much recommend watching this short in 3D. I didn’t have a chancce to see it in 3D but I certainly hope I did.


Characters: It’s all of the classic characters being themselves. Mickey is just as mischievous as he used to be. Minnie is just as lady-like as before. Pete is how he always has been. Oswald is only there for one freaking second, so what can I say? It’s just the characters being who they were back then: Mischievous, Silly, and all-around lovable. 


This was an amazing shot film. It deserves the standing ovation it got, and I would love to see it again. See it in 3D if you haven’t already. I’ll see you next time when things start to get a bit “Frozen”. See you later, Animators!


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