Trailer Take-down: The Nut Job

Welcome to the Trailer Take-down! This is where we take a trailer to an upcoming animated film and take apart each little element. So for our first trailer, we have The Nut Jo-HAHAHAHAHAHA-sorry…That name is just too ridiculous.

Anyway…this is The Nut Job.

0:00 You know what, I’m surprised it was approved by anyone.

0:13 Wow. You were able to cough without opening your mouth.

0:30 What’s that music? No…no no no!

0:40 WHAT IN THE NAME OF OSWALD WAS THAT? I can’t comprehend this insanity!

0:57 I call it: The Over the Hedge Plan

1:14 I’ll give them credit, I chuckled at that.

1:26 The…Nut…Job? That’s what you’re calling your movie? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Okay…okay…that that was terrible. It’s terrible. I’m not excited at all about this film. That random Harlem Shake moment, what was that? The story sounds like a rip-off of Over The Hedge, except with nuts.

Are you excited for this film? Let me know, I’m happy to hear! See you later, Animators!


4 thoughts on “Trailer Take-down: The Nut Job

  1. Not excited whatsoever. I am so glad that I’m not the only one who thought that this was a rip-off of “Over the Hedge.” From what I’ve been told, both films had the same writer. In one shot with the gray squirrel, he looks exactly like RJ from “Over the Hedge.” Not to mention that the rat looks like Remy from “Ratatouille” and the female red squirrel looks like Hammy from “Over the Hedge.”

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