Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (Brave)

Another review! Wow, two reviews on a row. I’m on fire!

Okay, another Pixar Movie. With Cars 2 being a bit of a disappointment, will Pixar make a comeback with their next film? Let’s see.

Story: Merida is a princess living in Scotland. She’s an adventurous young fellow, but she is being forced to marry by her mother.

Rebelling against her mother’s will, Merida runs away. Along the way,  she stumbles across a witch, who tells her that she can make her life better. Merida agrees, and her mother turns into a bear. Oh no! Now they must turn her back and learn that they can get along.

As a story, this isn’t a strong one. It cam get slow and predictable at times, and some of the elements were already in past Disney films.

But other than that, the story is very interesting to watch. As cliché as it is, it is very interesting to watch unfold.

Animation: One word: MASSIVE. Boy, is this film big. The colors, the scenery; it really pulls you into their world.

Characters: The characters aren’t that strong either. Merida is mixture of all the Disney Princesses, except Scottish. She’s not especially interesting, but she has likable qualities.

The mother, Queen Elinore, is another generic character, most of the characters are. But that doesn’t make her entirely boring. Again, she is a likable person.

Sure, the characters aren’t so strong, but the interaction between these people seem real and interesting. I’m all for the interaction of characters. I love how different personalities respond and react to each other. That is what redeems these characters.

In conclusion,  Brave is a very big improvement from Cars 2. But it still lacks a few things that make a Pixar movie a classic.

Well, that’s the last Pixar film to review. I did a review of Monsters University when it came out, so definitely check that out. I’ll be back with an official, special conclusion to this series in a few weeks. See you later, Animators!

Story: 7
Animation: 9
Characters: 5
Total: 7


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