IotGC UPDATE! 11/12/13

Hey guys! A couple of news today. There’s not much, but it’s certainly worthy of telling you guys. 

  1. Storyboarding – BEN should be working on the storyboards right now. If not…what are you doing Ben?
  2. Character Designs – We’re trying to aim for a more cartoon-ish look for the characters. I guess it’d be easier for the modeling.
  3. Island Test – Remember that desert island I made for the film? You do? Okay. Do you remember the post about my rendering mistake? Well…it’s still rendering. It’s on frame 32 out of 250. Yeah…don’t expect to see that for a couple days now.


Well that’s all folks! That’s all I have for now. If I have anything else to tell you guys I hope to tell you right away! See you later, Animators!


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