Oswald Reviews: Free Birds

RealFX’s first film! How does it do? Let’s see.
Story: Reggie is the pardoned turkey, but it all changes when a turkey named Jake takes him on a time travelling adventure stop Thanksgiving from happening.

Does it work? No…not really. It is a strange, cluttered mess. It can get predictabe sometimes and can cause a lot of confusion. Most of the backstories are told in long exposition.

Sometimes it’s inconsistent. In the beginning,  they play it as narration by Reggie. But there’s no other narration in the rest of the film.

The story isn’t that great. It’s too cluttered and bland. But the humor can be a hit and miss.

Animation: The animation is bland too. Most of the turkeys looks the same, the variety of color is restricted to brown, purple, or red, and the designs aren’t really new either. It is just a boring, bland look.

Characters: BLAND. BORING. UNINTERESTING. There’s not much to these characters. I don’t find these characters likable or hatable. They are just…forgettable. I can’t say anything about them….

In conclusion, this movie wasn’t a good start for RealFX. Sometimes a few jokes got me laughing, but it cannot save this film. See you later, Animators!

Story: 5
Animation: 6
Characters: 2
Total: 4.3 (4)


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