Oswald Reviews: The Prince of Egypt

This is the story of a boy, adopted by a family from a different culture. When this boy grows up, he must save his people. This is the story of Superma-Moses…this is the story of Moses…sorry.

Story:  It’s the story of Moses…what else do I say? It’s the story of Superman except with Egyptians…and God. But besides that. is it good? 

I really liked the way they retold the story. It was very well told. The relationship between Moses and Ramses is very believable and truly heartbreaking. 

This film really showed the struggles and sadness of the time period. 


Animation: I never hated Dreamworks Animation. I always thought they were a worthy opponent to Disney and Pixar. The animation in this film is very amazing, beautiful, HUGE, HUGE, and HUGE. Did I say HUGE? Because it’s HUGE!

Seriously, the world in this film seems so big! It’s too great for words. 


Characters: Moses is more complex than the Bible said about him. It shows a more complex side of him. It didn’t play him off as a perfect person. He actually started off as a sort of terrible guy. He made mistakes, he was human. I can say the same about most of the characters.

The only one I can’t say that about is Meriam, who they did play off as a saint. And apparently she still looks younger than Moses even though she’s the older sister.  They played her as a saint. There’s nothing wrong with her. 

Ramses is a good villain. It showed his evolution as a character. He doesn’t hate Moses, he still wants to be his brother. 

I never thought I’d have to judge God’s character. But I will. God’s character is God. What can I say?


In conclusion, The Prince of Egypt is certainly a great film. It’s certainly one of Dreamworks’s masterpieces. See you later, Animators!

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