IotGC UPDATE! (11/4/13)

Remember John? The guy you’ve been watching me model for as along as this blog’s been up? Heck, I even made a short video series on him.
Well, he’s going through a bit of a redesign. With most of the storyboards not even finished (BEN!), the step of modeling is going slow. Several redesigns of the characters have been considered, and the whole thing is a big mess.

Honestly, this is mostly because this is of my lack of experience. But this is no problem. For the show must go on!

I like to think of filmmaking as a Starbursts candy. It starts off hard but things start to get easier. You might have a few sticky situations,  but you’ll alway get yourself out of them.

As I said earlier, the storyboards are still being worked on, and our first recording session is due this coming weekend. I still have to make a few final arrangements.

Other than the John Model problem, everything is going the way it should.

(BTW Ben. You should really start working on those storyboards…)

See you later, Animators!


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