Oswald Reviews: Cars 2

Okay…let’s get this over with….



Just hear me out. By no means is it a good film, I know that. I just enjoy it. Let’s just get through this review without any tomato-throwing. Okay? Okay. 
Story: Lightning McQueen is entered into World Grand Prix sponsored by Alinol, a new, organic form of gasoline. Mater and McQueen are now traveling the world! But meanwhile, Mater is confused for a spy and must now save the world with the help of Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell. We don’t know anything about these characters, so let’s move on.
The story isn’t very good, and it is very cliche. The ending twist isn’t really that surprising. It’s not a “you thought it was was red, but it’s blue” scenario. I think it’s more of a “you thought it was red….you were right” scenario. The story doesn’t have the Pixar quality. 
Animation: It’s Pixar Animation….that’s it. Well, they did show what the world of Cars looks like. Places like Big Bentley…IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT CARS! HA!
Characters: All the original characters are there. They’re the same. We don’t learn much more about them. We seem to focus more on Mater. Lightning McQueen doesn’t get much spotlight.
To be totally honest, I was never a fan of Owen Wilson’s acting. It seemed too forced and overacted. But that’s just me.
The new characters are bland. What more can I say? We have no character development in these guys. Finn McMissile is a bore. Holley Shiftwell is the love-interest…sort of.
Did they really try to give Mater a girlfriend? Mater and Holley never got to know each other. Heck, they talk to each other much, and when they did, it usually was just a sentence. Mater would say something cute and Holley would smile or something. I wish they had a moment like McQueen and Sally did in the first film.
Is Cars 2 as bad as everyone says it is? Yeah, I guess. I think we’re just so amazed to see Pixar give us a movie that’s not amazing but okay. If Pixar didn’t release it, I guess it would just be another movie that you’d see once and never again. But since Pixar was the one who made this, it seems so much worse. 
I obviously didn’t expect Pixar to flop so hard. But will their next film help them make a comeback? Let’s see. See you later, Animators!
Story: 4
Animation: 7
Characters: 3
Total: 4.6

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