Ducktales Remastered!

Ducktales Remastered!

I recently got the new Ducktales Remastered video game on my laptop for my birthday (Oct. 15). Right when it was downloaded, I sat down to play the game. What did I think of it? Let’s see.

Story: Ducktales Remastered has the story of…Ducktales. The game has the same storyline as the NES game and the show! It’s basically just Scrooge finding a map in one of his “not-as” precious items and going on a treasure hunt in many locations around the world. Nothing so special.

But they did answer some questions that the old game didn’t. Like the fact that SCROOGE CAN BREATHE ON THE FREAKING MOON!

Graphics: I really love the new flash animations. They are cute and very similar to the original 8-bit sprites. I’ve played me some classic video games in my lifetime, and the way they captured the look and feel of the original game is so accurate.

Controls: The controls are simple. It takes a while to figure out and get used to, but it really isn’t that bad. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that they didn’t change the control diagram from Xbox to PC. Sometimes it tells me to press A on the Xbox Controller. WHERE THE HECK IS THE A BUTTON? I tried the keyboard, but that doesn’t work. It turns out that it’s the spacebar. Thanks….


In conclusion, Ducktales: Remastered is a good game with a few problems here and there. I’d definitely recommend getting this game, especially if you grew up with the show or the NES game. See you later, Animators!


Story: 8

Graphics: 9

Controls: 7


Total: 8


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