The Story of Phantom Manor

Join now the spirits in nuptial doom,
A ravaging bride… A vanishing groom.


This is Phantom Manor; the French’s rendition of The Haunted Mansion. But this version of the mansion is different. The story is darker, creepier, and more analytical. Why? Let’s see.

Back in the days of the Gold Rush of California, in a town called Thunder Mesa, there was a family named the Ravenswoods.

Not that Ravenswood…

Melanie Ravenswood was a beautiful young women and had an even more beautiful singing voice. But when a train engineer planned to marry her and take her away, Melanie’s father, Henry Ravenswood was angry. He tried all he could to stop the wedding.

Henry Ravenswood was a gold miner in Thunder Mountain. But the natives to the mountain say that if Thunder Mountain was disturbed, the gods will punish you.

But Ravenswood said, “Heck, I’m rich. I can do whatever the heck I want.” He sent his miners to dig deeper into the mountain…he and his wife died in an earthquake.

Melanie is all alone…or at least she thought she was….

An evil phantom appeared on her wedding night, and killed her groom. But Melanie didn’t know that. She completely was clueless of her husband’s death and waited for him to return, singing as she went.

The laughter of the Phantom echoed through the halls, and his ghoulish friends of the underworld transformed the manor into a horrible, deformed house. 

No one knows if Melanie is still in the manor, but some people claim to hear the singing of Melanie and echoing laughter of the Phantom in the air at night. 

Some people believe that the Phantom is Henry Ravenswood seeking his revenge toward Melanie’s groom. Some believe the Phantom is a curse set upon Melanie.


Have you seen Phantom Manor? What do you think of it? Tell me, I’d love to hear!

See you later, Animators!




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