Look Disney, I haven’t even seen the other one. Heck, you announced this film way before the first one came out. WHAT WERE YOU ON TO COME UP WITH SUCH A DUMB, IDIOTIC, AND ALL AROUND STUPID IDEA FOR A MOVIE?!?!?!

From the reviews, the first one wasn’t so hot. I hated the idea since the beginning. WHy make a spin off movie for Cars, the least successful Pixar movie? (BTW I do not hate Cars)

DisneyToon Studios, come to your senses and stop making poopy direct to DVD films and start making real Disney films. You’ve made some good films in the past. I’d like to refer to The Three Musketeers: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.

I just can’t believe this DisneyToon Studios. What are you thinking? Please tell me you’re going to come up with something better than this?

Do not worry, a HALLOWEEK! post will be coming in a couple minutes, I just have to finish it up. See you later, Animators!



  1. I haven’t seen the first film yet (and not excited to see it either), but this one seems to have a chance for a better and more plausible story. I’m actually kinda interested in this film, although it might be better coming straight to DVD rather than to theaters.

    Lol@pickup trucks!

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