HALLOWEEK! (Top 8 Darkest Disney Moments)

When you think of Disney, what do you think of? Happiness, dreams, love, etc. I think of anger, death, hatred….what? As if you don’t think of that?

Of course, I’m kidding. I love Disney. Why else would I be doing this? But, contrary to popular belief, Disney isn’t all fun and games. Disney has it’s dark side. But what lies in the darkest side of Disney? Let’s see.

This is the Top 8 Darkest Disney Moments!

8. Pleasure Island – I know what you’re thinking; “What? That wonderful Pinocchio movie? What’s so scary about that? It’s just some kids learning their lesson.” Heh Heh Heh…NO. This is a greedy coachman, who takes children, turns them into mules, and SELLS THEM OFF AS SLAVES. That’s freaky enough, but what does Pinocchio do? Surely him and Jiminy Cricket go out to save him, right? Nope. He just runs away.


7. Willie the Whale’s Death – You guys remember the short about the operatic whale? Of course you do! Well, if you don’t remember, I’ll give you the skinny. Willie the Whale is a singer. But when a man thinks it’s all a mistake and Willie just swallowed an opera singer.

But it is discovered that Willie really can sing! Willie is now a star! NOPE! IT WAS ALL A DREAM!


The man kills Willie….yeah you heard me. Willie’s dead. What? Okay, you want a happy ending? Here:

Willie goes to heaven. There. Happy now?

6. Incinerator Scene (from Toy Story 3) – We all knew that the big conclusion for Toy Story was coming. We just didn’t know it would be this big. Boy, is this scene dark. No, scratch that, this MOVIE is dark.  But the idea of the toys facing their inevitable demise together seems so beautiful.

We love you, toys. 🙂

5. The Mad Doctor – Ahh, the Mad Doctor, you and your plans that never made a lot of sense. My favorite one being when you tried to cut off the head of Pluto and replace it with the head of a chicken to find out what sound it would make…yeah it never made sense to begin with.

4. Ursula’s Death – This is possibly one of the best deaths for a Disney villain. Other than being eaten alive or even being sucked into the underworld, being stabbed in the stomach with the head of a ship. This is a pretty gruesome way to go. Just look of this picture:

I didn’t think he’d do it, but Eric really took a stab at it

3. Night on Bald Mountain – Who knew that one of the most famous sequences in Fantasia would be about everlasting suffering with the Devil. Or was it Chernabog…ah I don’t care. It’s the devil either way.

Isn’t that adorable?

Not only was this short dark, but it was CONTROVERSIAL! DUN DUN DUN!

It had many suggestive themes such as nudity, eternal suffering, etc. It was a dark, dark, and disturbing short…AND I LOVED IT!

Not that I love the devil or something like that, but I love the amazing animation. And the ending is very beautiful. Certainly check it out, but you have been warned…

2. Clayton’s Death (from Tarzan) – Clayton was a greedy man. So he certainly deserved a very bad punishment…but not too bad.


This death is probably worse than Ursula’s. I didn’t get this until I grew up, and boy did it change my view on this film. This image just comes across disturbing to me.

And the number one darkest Disney moment is….

1. Hellfire (from Hunchback of Notre Dame) – You guys saw this coming. Frollo was an awesome villain. He was a judge who said he was on Team Jesus even though he killed a women, almost threw her child in a well, raised the child in a locked bell tower, and falls for a gypsy mainly because he wants to….well…you know.

So he sings a song about whether or not he should give into the gypsy or stay faithful to God. This results in this:


Well, that happens. Just from the idea alone it’s so dark. Frollo’s character is so complex. It inspired me to write the villain for my film, Captain Smith, with a darker tone.

The music is so epic with the choir in the background. It really fits the mood of the character.

With the music, the story, and the character, this truly is the darkest Disney Moment.

What do you think? Do you agree with my list? Tell  me your thoughts. See you later, Animators!


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