Oswald Reviews: Something Wicked This Way Comes (HALLOWEEK 2013)

Hey guys! And welcome to the first post in HALLOWEEK!


So for the first post, I will be reviewing Something Wicked This Way Comes! This is the first time I saw this film, did I like it? Let’s see.

Well first of all, since this is a live-action film, this will just be a “discussion/rant” type reviews that I barely do. But I bet you’d like that. Smile

Now, about the film. What is the premise? The Autumn Carnival is coming and two boys are very ready for the fun! But when they see the dark secrets of the carnival, they are hunted down to make sure the secret never gets out.

But the owner of the carnival, Mr. Dark, is actually a PAIN FEEDING DEMON….

…it’s normal.

So now the two boys now have to stop Mr. Dark and his evil, demonic plans. What do I like about the film?

I love the idea. It’s not quite so original, but it’s really enjoyable. Another enjoyable element is Mr. Dark. Man, is this guy really into his role.

I love the enthusiasm that he puts into this role. It seems so psychotically in love with what he’s doing. He’s the only one that can make counting threatening.

30…31…32…33…34…35…36…37…38…39…40…41! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

But is there anything wrong with this film? Yeah…a few things….

The editing is really strange in this film. Sometimes I’m unclear on what’s happening. USE ESTABLISHING SHOTS.

The protagonists that aren’t one of the boys and his father are so bland. they seem so forgettable.


In conclusion, this film is very enjoyable and delightfully creepy. What should I give it? I’ll give it two scores. One as a Disney fan and another as a movie. See you later, Animators!





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