Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (Toy Story 3)

I grew up with Toy Story. Toy Story 2 was the first Pixar movie I ever watched. But I was, like, 2 at the time. So I really had no idea what I was watching. But when Toy Story 3 came out, I was hyped. But is it as good as I hoped it to be? Or is my nostalgia failing me once again? Let’s see.

Story: Andy has grown up, and the toys are now obsolete. But after a misunderstanding, the toys are donated to Sunnyside Daycare.

It’s nice because it has a rainbow on it!

They think they’ve found their paradise, but their amazing vacation turns into a horrible jail. Now the toys have to escape the daycare and return to Andy.

I really like the sudden darkness this film brought to the Toy Story series. I like the edginess. I like the seriousness, not that there wasn’t a lot of seriousness in the past films.

Toy Story 2 (one of my favorites) talked about the inevitable, a topic I’ve talked about in the past. That is a very serious, mature problem for kids to think about. But it works because it’s believable. The way that it is executed makes it seem real and somewhat relatable.

I like the incinerator scene near the end. I love how they hold hands at the end, watching their doom come closer and closer. Wow. That is just amazing writing.

But what bothers me is that Buzz, after 8 years, hasn’t even talked to Jessie! Are you kidding me? That’s 8 years. Mr. Spaceman!

Anyway, this film had a very good story, though more mature than it’s predecessors.

Animation: DEAR GOD. It’s Pixar Animation… + awesome textures + RAIN + Beautiful Animation + AMAZING OSWALDINESS THAT MAKES ME WANT TO GERGAIKNWGVAWLGKHWFGRAGNKA.

…so the animation was good.

Characters: You guys know that old characters: Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Rex, Slinky, Bo P-wait…What happened to Bo Peep? She was sold? What?!?! Now you’re going to tell me Wheezy was donated, too…HE WAS?!?! What the flip is going on here?

If you haven’t noticed, most of the characters are gone. That was a bit of a disappointment. So I guess I can move on to the new characters. How many are there?


Well…let’s just count the main ones.

There’s Stretch…we don’t know much about her, so let’s move on. Then there’s Chunks…we don’t know much about him so let’s move on. Then there’s Twitch…who the heck’s Twitch? I think you see a recurring theme.

There’s so many new characters, there’s not too much time spent to get to know them. They aren’t minor characters. They get just as much screen time as the main characters. But the problem is, I don’t remember half of them.

But what are the ones I do remember? Well, there’s Ken, one of the funniest characters in the film. He’s voiced by Michael Keaton.

Yes, that Michael Keaton.

He voices the manliest, yet strangely still the girliest, man at the Daycare. I don’t know what it is about him, but he seems really funny to me.

Then there’s Big Baby. You know that creepy doll your little sister had and you were always afraid it was alive and could kill you at any moment? Well, Pixar made a character like that.

Finally, there’s Lotso. Man, this guy is a great (not-so spoiler alert) villain. His hatred for children and his real heartbreaking backstory is relatable and interesting.

One character that get s huge laugh out of me is Spanish Buzz. I love how over the top he is in his movements. But I always wondered how this joke worked in Spanish speaking countries.


In conclusion, Toy Story 3 is a winner. Sure, it does have it’s problems, but it truly is one of Pixar’s best work. The story is great, the animation is beautiful, and most of the characters are likable. With such a success at their hands, what is next? Oh…you know…

See you later, Animators!

Story: 10

Animation: 10

Characters: 8


Total: 9.3



5 thoughts on “Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (Toy Story 3)

  1. This is my favorite Toy Story! I do agree with you that the plot is more mature but that’s how it is in real life….kids grow up and they outgrow their toys. However, the memories that those once special toys leave in one’s heart stays forever, I think! Nice write up!

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