Cartoon Characters in Real Life

Hey guys! Have you ever wondered what cartoon characters looked like in real life? Of course you have! So let’s see what our beloved cartoon pals would look like in the real world!

Let’s start with Buzz Lightyear:

Woah. That looks really awesome! I’m super excited for all the amazingly cool, creative re-imaginings of our wonderful cartoon pa-


Okay…now I’m extremely scared. What’s next?


Who left the bubble gum in the microwave? What the Oswald is that? Next.


To be honest, this one looks sort of cool. I like the background, nice texture, and especially the redesign. What’s next?

Oh…okay then.

That’s…that’s just weird. Next.

What the fridge is that thing? This is worse than Patrick! It’s strange, it’s too realistic, it’s everything that is terrible in human nature! I can’t take this anymore. Is there anything worse that can destroy my childhood?

…forget it…

Childhood Dying

See you la-ah forget it.


5 thoughts on “Cartoon Characters in Real Life

    • Ok, let’s see. We have Buzz Lightyear, Charlie Brown, Patrick Star (horribly creepy), Popeye, Stewie Griffin, Spongebob Squarepants, and Ren & Stimpy. How’d I do? Do I own the rights to “Bragging” now?

      I never wanted to know what cartoon characters looked like in real life, tbh.

      • Yes. You do have rights to brag. Congratulations, you have the worst prize ever.

        I never wanted to know what they looked like either. After this post, you can guess why.

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