Ducktales Smartphone Game

I love Ducktales. So when I heard that they were remaking the old NES games, I was sold. But before I play the real deal,  let’s see how the smartphone game holds up.
To be totally honest, this game isn’t half bad. As this is my first video game review, let me go over the process of judgement for video games.

I will be formatting this like a normal movie review. But instead of story, animation,  and characters,  I will judge the Story, Graphics, and Controls. With that out of the way. Let us begin.

Story: It’s a simple story of Scrooge getting his money stolen. So he gets a bunch of random ducks to go get it for him.

Lazy bum…

Hewey, Dewey, and Louie aren’t in the game. They were visiting their Uncle Donald in the navy for some reason. Launchpad is there. He’s actually one of the few original characters who make a real appearance.

Overall, the story is good. They didn’t need to go to far with it, knowing that it is an iPhone game.

Graphics: It’s 3D graphics in an iPhone game. You’d expect it to be bad.

Controls: The controls can be a bit confusing at times. It can be very glitchy as well. But if you can get used to it, you will be great at the game.

In conclusion,  Ducktales for the Smartphone is okay. It’s not entirely bad nor is it entirely good. I really wouldn’t get it unless you’re a sucker for online gaming. But for me, I can enjoy it. Now for Ducktales: Remastered!

See you later, Animators!

Story: 6
Graphics: 4
Controls: 3
Total: 4.3


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